Eugenia Brick’s daughter goes to school and to music: after the death of the actress, her family remained in the United States

Last year, Brick lost weight and wore a short haircut. She was praised for changing her image – the actress thanked and kept silent about the disease.

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40-year-old actress Eugenia Brick passed away 40 days ago. Eugenia’s family is going through this grief together – mother, younger sister, husband and daughter. In the summer they are going to bury their beloved Zhenya in their homeland.

Great grief

Eugene Brick is remembered by viewers for his roles in films and TV series: “Stilyagi”, “Thaw”, “Garden Ring”, “Adaptation”, “Adaptation”, “Optimists”, “Bomb”, “Phantom”. The beautiful and talented actress was often shot by her husband, producer and director Valery Todorovsky. Brick and Todorovsky have been happy together for 20 years, their only daughter Zoe is now 12 years old.

Evgenia Brik and her husband Valery Todorovsky lived for 20 years.

Evgenia Brik and her husband Valery Todorovsky lived for 20 years.


Valery Petrovich was 19 years older than his wife, but the age difference did not prevent a strong relationship and a happy family life. The couple lived in the United States for many years, and more often came to Russia to work in their homeland. Their daughter was born in Los Angeles and is now in school. Eugenia Brick was treated and died in Los Angeles. Eugene learned about her illness about two years ago – she decided that no one but family and loved ones should know about it. Brick was treated for oncology, a young woman died on February 10, 2022 in hospital.

Eugenia Brick, 40, died 40 days ago.

Eugenia Brick, 40, died 40 days ago.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network

Eugene Brick was cremated in the United States. The woman was planned to be buried in her homeland in Russia in the summer. However, direct flights between the countries have now been suspended, so it is unknown when the funeral will take place. The father of a native Muscovite Eugenia Brick is buried in Moscow.

The family is grieving the death of their Zhenechka. The artist’s mother and younger sister do not discuss this topic even with family friends, do not answer to anyone and still communicate only within the family. Valery Todorovsky never came to his senses from grief after his wife’s death – too little time has passed. The man answers the calls of close friends and colleagues, accepts condolences, but does not discuss the details of his wife’s death.

The daughter is surrounded by love

The family has the most experiences for 12-year-old Zoya. The child was very attached to his mother. Eugenia Brick was close to her daughter – she never hired nannies or assistants; brought up the child herself. Zoya is studying in an American school, but Eugenia hired Russian tutors for the girl – classes were online. When Zoya Todorovskaya was invited to act in an American movie five years ago (the OA series for the Netflix channel, where Brad Pitt is one of the producers), her grandmother was called to the United States for help.

Eugene with his mother Galina (far left) and sister Valeria.

Eugene with his mother Galina (far left) and sister Valeria.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network

Eugenia Brick’s mother was with her granddaughter on the set in New York while Zoe’s parents worked in Russia. After that, the actress’ mother Galina Khirivskaya stayed at their American house at the invitation of her daughter and son-in-law. Todorovsky got along with his mother-in-law and was not against a new family member in their big house. Galina was her daughter’s best friend, helper even in the most difficult period of her life. Now 61-year-old Galina Khirivskaya is with her granddaughter Zoe and son-in-law Valery Todorovsky. The family now lives together. Zoya attends school, additional classes, music. Everything was as it was with my mother, but without my mother…

For the first time we publish a photo of their house in Los Angeles. It is located in the prestigious coastal area of ​​Los Angeles – Playa del Rey. To the ocean on foot – only 15 minutes.

Family home in Los Angeles.  Photo: Google Maps

Family home in Los Angeles. Photo: Google Maps

Eugenia Brick told us in an interview: “In Los Angeles, Valera and Zoe and I have the pleasure of walking, sitting with the whole family in the evening by the ocean, traveling: we have not seen many places in America. I spend all my time with Zoe, we have a new hobby – we do not buy, but bake useful sweets. And Brick shared a big dream in an interview before the pandemic: she and her husband are planning a second child. But the woman learned about the disease and her dreams went with her. And viewers will still see on the screens a new multi-series film “Children” with Eugenia Brick, shot a few years ago. Evgenia Brik received the last film award “For the best female role” at the “Pilot” festival for her work in this project. Zhenya shared her emotions last year: “What an incredible feeling it is when your daughter puts on your things and they are just right for her…” It is terribly unfair that the great actress and mother Eugenia Brick will not see her daughter grow up.


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