Evening @ Kaliningrad: consulate at stake, tourists without wings and Tapiau through the eyes of an ex-political prisoner

Lithuania recalled its ambassador from Russia and decided to expel the Russian, also announcing the closure of the Russian consulate in Klaipeda. The Russian Foreign Ministry called these measures hostile and promised to respond soon. In the Kaliningrad region, the details of the official position, it seems, decided not to wait – the governor of the region Anton Alikhanov in his telegram channel reposted a message from local political scientist Alexei Vysotsky, who predicted the closure of the Lithuanian consulate in Kaliningrad. How prophetic the prediction will be, we will probably find out tomorrow, but for now to other materials on Monday.

The Kaliningrad region is one of the regions that will be harder to survive than the economic crisis caused by the events in Ukraine and the imposition of Western sanctions. This opinion was expressed by a Russian economist, a specialist in the field of socio-economic development of the regions, a professor at Moscow State University. Lomonosova Natalia Zubarevich in two video interviews. The expert is currently most concerned about two leading sectors of the regional economy: the automotive industry and tourism. Making money in the region’s tourism will soon be much more difficult due to problems in Russian aviation caused by sanctions. “You have to fly to Kaliningrad. <...> Therefore, there are great risks for the hotel and tourism business, because the form of delivery is aviation, ”Zubarevich explained.

We continue to talk about how the sanctions against Russia that followed the military special operation in Ukraine affect the lives of ordinary people. In the new material by Ekaterina Medvedeva – the stories of several Kaliningrad residents, whose children study abroad. The disconnection of Russian banks from the SWIFT system, the blocking of Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Russia, the fall of the ruble, the threat of closing borders – because of all this, Russian students studying in foreign universities were in a very difficult situation.

The Teutonic castle of Tapiau became a prison under the Germans. Petty criminals, opponents of the Nazi regime, and later the Nazis themselves, managed to sit here. In Soviet and Russian times, there was a penal colony in Tapiau, but the prison history of the castle came to an end. Now the authorities dream of turning it into a tourist attraction. “New Kaliningrad” walked through the former colony with political prisoner Denis Osnach, who was serving a term here for seizing a cabinet in the presidential administration in 2004, and recorded his story. It includes constructions under Rammstein, tattoos made with a guitar string, and attempts to see free life in a tiny hole in a boarded-up window. Perhaps this is even more interesting than an official tour of the castle with a guide to the Historical and Art Museum.

And about spring. The end of March and April is the month of the appearance of young seals on the beaches of the Kaliningrad region. Very few of them manage to survive the molting period while remaining unnoticed. Some animals need help to survive after close human attention. The Kaliningrad Zoo, despite the fact that by law it has no right to spend money on the care of wild animals, has been rehabilitating seals for more than a year – thanks to voluntary donations. Now there are three proteins in rehabilitation, that is, “dead”. “Everyone is very depleted, dehydrated and parasitic. The third also has a wound on his head. Now they are actively fattened (they do not eat themselves, but they do not resist force-feeding, good children), give drugs for dehydration and worms, treat the eyes, “- said the zoo staff.

Experts once again remind: seals are not fish, they breathe lightly. Land for these animals is a place of rest and reproduction. By driving a seal into the water, you will deprive it of the opportunity to rest and gain strength, which can lead to death. It is also impossible to move seals to a “secluded” place – the squirrel will not find his mother there. The animal must be provided with maximum rest.

You can make a donation to save the “dead” on the zoo’s website.


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