Everything you need to know about the wedding of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin: 200 guests, 190,000 dollars, celebrities of the first magnitude

Tomorrow (March 31) Hyun Bean and Son E Jin will officially tie the knot at the long-awaited ceremony.

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There is only one day left before the long-awaited wedding of the year. Here is all the information you need to know about the grand wedding of the most influential couple in the Korean entertainment industry.

Hyun Bean and Son E Jin – actors of the first magnitude, so their circle of friends also includes many leading Korean stars. Since the announcement of the wedding, users of the network have been thinking about the guests who are likely to be present at the wedding of the century. Because of the pandemic Hyun Bean and Son E Jin will hold a private ceremony in a secluded place. Only about 200 guests were invited, including family and close friends.

From the beginning of March, the famous couple began to send invitations to their friends and family members. The composition of the guests was gradually revealed. The first person to confirm that he was invited to the wedding was a former professional footballer Lee Don Hookwho posted a photo with an invitation ticket in his personal account.

It is expected that the wedding will be attended by popular actresses with whom the future bride Son Ye Jin is close, such as Lee Min John, Son Yun A, Gon Hyo Jin, Om Ji Won, O Yun A and Lee John Hyun. Fans even suggest that these gorgeous female stars will also be bridesmaids Son E Jin.

Like his wife, Hyun Bean close to famous actors such as Chan Dong Gon, Ju Jin Mo, Kim Su Ro, Han Jae Sok… Except Hyun Binathey are all already married, so they will definitely appear at the wedding Hyun Binato congratulate their brother that he is finally getting married. In particular, it is reported that Chan Don Gon took on the role of a wedding reader to deliver a speech on a big day Hyun Bina and Son E Jin.

Among the most anticipated stars at the wedding – Young from SNSD. She is close to Son E Jin and also starred in the film with Hyun Binom. Not only is everyone looking forward to Juna’s appearance, many are curious to know whether she will appear as a guest on the part of the bride or the groom.

According to Korean media, the list of wedding guests also included a screenwriter Pak Ji Yin from the drama “Emergency Landing of Love”.

The wedding Son E Jin and Hyun Bina will be held at the Aston House Sheraton Grand Waterhill Hotel, located in Gwangjing, Seoul. It is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Korea with a rent of up to $ 16,000, which was chosen by a number of influential couples for their wedding. And the total cost of the wedding is about 190,000 dollars.

The wedding was held at an expensive hotel with a beautiful view of the Han River

The initial amount of $ 190,000 surprised many people because it was quite modest compared to the expectations of the public from the wedding of two Korean superstars. However, upon reflection, many users of the network thought that the amount of almost $ 200,000 is still not small compared to a cozy wedding for only 200 guests.

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