Evgeny Tsyganov and Daria Zhovner star in the new film “Blonde”

This will be a picture of a young woman who does not want to live by old patterns.

Filming of the domestic film “Blonde” has started. Photo: video service Start

Filming of the film “Blonde” starring Daria Zhovner and Yevgeny Tsyganov has begun in St. Petersburg. The video service Start is engaged in production.

The basis for the script was a film story by Alexander Volodin (“Autumn Marathon”, “Five Evenings”, “Do not part with your loved ones”), written in 1984, about a young girl in search of herself. The director Pavel Mirzoev modernized it and transferred it to the present day.

The heroine of the story is 27 years old. And from the point of view of her mother, the girl lives completely wrong: she plays in the troupe of a small theater, earns extra money by washing windows and is in love with an unreliable novice director. She ignores “normal” men and does not even want to change her color to blonde, which, according to her mother, is an easy way to success in personal life. The heroine could continue to defend her life principles, but the theater suddenly finds itself on the verge of closure, and the beloved director disappears somewhere.

“There are about thirty such girls now. They did not go to lawyers-economists, as we once did, reject the pattern “home-family-work”, try to realize themselves in creative professions, and sometimes invent them themselves, – describes his heroine Pavel Mirzoev. – I tried to write something from scratch and suddenly remembered Volodin’s “Blonde”. She is anyone, but not a languid boring sufferer. This is a young woman, a little strange, incredibly active, agile, who is simply physically unable to live by the rules. “

“In fact, it is our common inner ideal, which we nurture in ourselves for a while, and then, growing up, we abandon. I wanted to talk about this with the audience in the language of brilliant Volodymyr dialogue. I tried to keep his lyrical intonation as much as possible, as if Volodin was writing this thing today, but the script went its own modern route, and the heroine began to behave differently, to make opposite decisions. This should bring the story closer to the modern viewer, who, I believe, really needs this film now. “

According to the director, the actress has been wanted for the lead role for a long time. As a result, Daria Zhovner was among the many contenders for the casting. For her, working on the character of Alexander Volodin was a real gift for acting.

The film also stars Yulia Marchenko, Fedor Fedotov, Alena Dolgonenko, Alexandra Khromova and others.

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