Ex-communist Andrei Ishchenko detained, who almost won the election of the governor of the Primorye Territory in 2018

Former member of the Communist Party Andrei Ishchenko, who once received congratulations on winning the election of the governor of Primorye in September 2018, was detained by law enforcement agencies. The reason was not his political or even post-political activities, accompanied by odious actions and statements on social networks, but his entrepreneurial career, a significant consequence of which was the unfinished business of Safonov in Vladivostok.

“The investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Primorye Territory have opened a criminal case against Andrei Ishchenko, the founder of Aurora-Stroy Insurance Company. He is suspected of committing a crime under Part 4 of Article. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud, ie theft of another’s property by deception, committed in a particularly large amount or entailing the deprivation of a citizen’s right to housing).

According to the investigation, the suspect, knowing that equity participation in the construction of residential houses is in great demand among the population, during the construction of an apartment building on Safonova Street in Vladivostok, in the period from December 2016 to June 2021 out of selfish motives committed fraud . Thus, he fraudulently stole money from 187 participants in the shared construction of an apartment building in the total amount of over 105 million rubles.

He is currently in custody and is being remanded in custody. The investigation of the criminal case is underway, all the circumstances of the incident are being clarified, ”the SC said.

We are talking about the 14-storey residential complex “Safonov”, the construction of which began in late 2016, that is, before the scandalous election with the triumph of the “Red Governor” and the “third round”. But already in 2018, when at that time the deputy of the Armed Forces Andrei Ishchenko, director of the IC “Aurora-Stroy” fell into disgrace, shareholders began to suspect that by the deadline – the 2nd quarter of 2021 – the house will not be handed over. And so it happened, the construction added to the list of problems. The Arbitration Court is considering a lawsuit by the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Share Construction to declare the developer bankrupt.

Due to the mechanisms of this “Fund”, the authorities promised to complete the construction of Safonov, 7 in 2022. To do this, they want to attract free targeted funding from private investors. “Employees of the fund check the draft contracts and technical documentation received from the developer and potential contractors. After the developer and the potential contractor eliminate the identified remarks, the relevant contract agreements are concluded, ”the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Share Construction of the Primorsky Krai said in February.

“Red Governor” Andrei Ishchenko is the brightest figure in the political sky of Primorye in recent years. In 2016, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the region in the first constituency, gaining a large number of votes in the Pervomaisky district of Vladivostok. But still he was not considered a dangerous rival to the current acting Governor of Primorye Andrei Tarasenko in September 2018. By that time, Tarasenko had led the region for almost a year and won the first round, but received less than 50% of the vote, which meant that the second would be needed. And at that moment, the future failure loomed before political technologists.

Choosing between two candidates – the pro-government and the opposition – the voter voted against the government. In a protest vote that fall, LDPR spokesman Sergei Furgal left no chance to United Russia’s Vyacheslav Sport. In Primorye they tried to save the situation in a hurry: so that the voter would not have time to come to his senses, the second round was scheduled for the following Sunday. They also made full use of the opportunities of the Eastern Economic Forum, which took place just between the rounds, where the current head of the region was in plain sight and even addressed the president. Nothing helped. That speech was remembered only by “karasikas”, and the second round of elections – the most anomalous ending, when Ishchenko was already receiving congratulations, called himself a “red governor” and gave victorious interviews. And only the counting of the most recent ballots suddenly yielded a mathematically unlikely result in the form of Tarasenko’s victory.

The consequences are memorable to many. Ishchenko declared a stolen victory and gathered a huge rally in front of the building of the then regional administration. Tarasenko also spoke at a rally in his support, at which he first promised to go to the end, and then practically admitted that he could not win honestly and left Primorye. He now heads the government in Yakutia. And a few days later the results of the second round were simply canceled.

Sakhalin Governor Oleg Kozhemyako with roots and business interests in our region was summoned to Primorye in an emergency mode with a visit to the President for blessing. They did not hurry with him and gave him two months to swing his popularity in the region under the slogan “I consider it important.” In December, Kozhemyako immediately won the first round, leaving rivals behind. However, the “red governor” was not among them: the Communist Party without a clear explanation did not nominate its strongest candidate in this election, and self-nominated Ishchenko “shot” on the approaches to the election commission – by signature.

I do not want to dwell in detail on the fate of Ishchenko after the “stolen victory” and “betrayal of the Communist Party.” There were many strange things: threats and insults, apologies, video appeals on social networks to the American president, expulsion from the party, accusations of attempted bribery of Kozhemyako, going to a psychiatric hospital. All this, in any case, did not seem as terrible as the fate of the already mentioned Furgal. However, now everything is possible.


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