Experts assessed the helicopter operation of the APU in Mariupol: to save at any cost

It was not possible to remove the top nationalists and foreign mercenaries

The liquidation of several Ukrainian military helicopters with the top leadership of Azov (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) on board near Mariupol, some military experts have already called “the beginning of the end” for the southern group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). According to MK experts, Kiev understood all the risks of the rescue operation and still evacuated the top of the national battalion. Another version of such a desperate move is the desire to save important foreign mercenaries.

We will remind that helicopters of APU flew to Mariupol early in the morning on March 31 from Dnepropetrovsk for evacuation of personnel and wounded. According to some reports, the helicopters landed in the port, then the military unloaded boxes of ammunition, loaded people. The helicopters took to the air, but were soon shot down by Russian air defenses. According to preliminary data, 15 people died as a result of the helicopter crash. Two survived and were taken prisoner. According to one of them, five helicopters tried to break into Mariupol – four Mi-8 and Mi-24.

This is the second attempt to break into Mariupol. The day before, two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down over the Sea of ​​Azov.

According to military expert, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor KorotchenkoUkrainian servicemen took a risk deliberately because they had to take out foreigners and the top of “Azov”:

– The task was set to evacuate the Azov command staff and, possibly, foreign military specialists, who helped to conduct hostilities, coordinate the communication system, etc. Of course, this is a risk, because previous attempts have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian military command consciously took such a risk.

The military expert suggested that our air defense had specially given a helicopter to take out the Azov command to land in Mariupol and take people on board.

– I think that the helicopter was specially given the opportunity to land to solve the problem of destroying the top of the national battalion. In general, I evaluate this operation on our part as successful, competent and effective. The helicopters were flying at an extremely low altitude, trying not to get on radar screens, perhaps some means of electronic countermeasures were activated. However, Russian air defense systems have shown. that are able to solve such complex problems.

Another one military expert, editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonkov suggested that there were foreign mercenaries in Mariupol:

– What happened before the storming of Mariupol and is happening now is a diametrically opposite state of affairs. A group of more than 20,000 people was concentrated in the city: the 58th, 12th, and 38th brigades, the Azov Battalion, units of the border troops, and police forces. All of them were an armed force led by the Nazi elite of Azov.

They built a defense, took people hostage. The situation was really serious: civilians – in the basements, without food, water, electricity. There was no point in leaving the situation and watching the civilian population die. Therefore, it was decided to storm the city. By competent actions, however, we reduced all the advantages of the APU to zero and led to an unconditional defeat. Therefore, the Azov command, which had previously motivated the military, decided to leave the city. Before that there were attempts to break through the ground, but they did not work. Then helicopter equipment went into action. But they did not take into account the fact that the air is completely controlled … It is noteworthy that after unsuccessful attempts to leave the city, they were very indignant abroad, which once again confirms that there were foreign mercenaries in Mariupol.

According to the expert, the cornered forces of the APU may resort to terrorist tactics.

– After the liquidation of the top of Azov, the process of clearing the remaining territory may go faster. But the fate of many civilians who may have been held hostage is still unknown. In order to save their lives, APU militants can act as terrorists – they say, either you release us or we all shoot here. These are, of course, purely terrorist tactics.


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