Explore Afghan cuisine and culture event

Gathering around the table is a powerful way to enrich lives and a local faith-based nonprofit is doing just that by hosting an event for the community to learn about Afghan resettlement, their experiences and cuisine.

Sunday’s event organized by Hospitality Common Inc. (HCI), titled “Sharing the Afghan Refugee Experience: Voices, Culture & Cuisine,” is designed to start meaningful conversations surrounding food and culture. It offers a chance for participants to learn the story of Afghan immigrants and develop a nuanced perspective about Afghans’ journeys from Afghanistan to the US

For the event, HCI is partnering with Open Kitchens Project, a platform for food and conversation events; supporting Black, Indigenous, BIPOC and immigrant food entrepreneurs. It offers community leaders, nonprofits, and influencers an opportunity to create community spaces for dialogue around the dinner table.

Guests for the evening

The proceedings will begin with a welcome address from Framingham District 2 City Councilor Cesar Stewart-Morales. Matt Crane, executive director at Hospitality Common, will then introduce guests Gary Moorehead and Najeeb Rostami.

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