Express from experts on April 3 with a factor of 10.29

Our Saturday selection, albeit with a return, but came. On Sunday we turn for advice to our experts! And we remind you that the Winline app is yours “Express of the day” is ready, all you have to do is press the “Make a bet” button, wait for the outcome and get your bonus up to 50% to win. The more outcomes, the higher the bonus.

April 3, 16:00: Metz – Monaco

Valentin Yiltsov in the match between “Metz” and “Monaco” bets that the hosts will beat Alexander Golovin’s team on yellow cards. The forecast is quite risky, so it comes with insurance in the form of zero odds. Our expert has few arguments, and his main message is that the “dark burgundy” receive more warnings against strong opponents than “Monaco” does with teams below their level. If you take Metz, on average he gets one mustard more than his opponent from the top of the League 1 table.

The rationale is quite concise, but at the same time very clear. We will add that Metz is the toughest team in the French championship: on average, the wards of Frederic Antonetti receive 2.52 cards per game.

Given the statistical indicators, we suggest you trust the expert and add to the Sunday express bet on LCD F1 (0).

April 3, 19:00: Sochi – Zenit

Roman Gutzeit last month was not very active, but we still remember its profit of 54,100 “virtual” in February. Then he got as many as ten of the 13 forecasts. RPL is one of the leagues in which he feels like a fish in water. This time, the famous TV commentator caught the eye of the match between “Sochi” and “Zenith”, where he predicts the victory of the St. Petersburg team.

Our expert believes in the victory of Sergei Semak’s team for several reasons, the main of which is Zenit’s leadership and, therefore, the comfortable position at the top of the table. In addition, legionnaires are returning to St. Petersburg, which will at least affect the attacking potential of the “blue-white-blue”. In addition, Gutzeit reports that the players who have been part of Semak in recent weeks have been purposefully preparing for the game with Sochi, so they were not called up to the Russian national team. Roman does not believe in effectiveness, but Zenit is waiting for victory. The main trump card of the guests is the presence of very good players in their attacking group, who are able to open the defense of “Sochi”.

Given the above, we believe that these arguments are enough to believe that “Zenith” will beat “Sochi” on the road. We bet on P2.

April 3, 21:45: Juventus – Inter

Victor Gusev starts in April with a forecast for the Italian Derby, in which he expects to win “Juventus”. Viktor Mikhailovich started his thoughts on the outcome of the match with the fact that both teams are fighting for Serie A gold medals, so neither the first nor the second in this game need a draw.

But why Juve? Our expert claims that “Inter” after the departure from the Champions League specifically surrendered, when the “Bianconcher”, on the contrary, gained momentum over the course of the season. In addition, in his opinion, the Turin will be helped by the native walls of the “Alliance Arena” and the new leader – Dusan Vlahovich.

We will add that Victor Gusev very correctly noted concerning the form “Juve” in the course of the season, because in mid-November, the team of Massimiliano Allegri was seventh, and now it is seven points from first place. “Inter” went in reverse order: first place in early January and third now.

We believe that there are enough reasons to believe in the victory of “Juventus” in the upcoming meeting, so we fix our press bet on P1.

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