Fedor Lavrov told that there was behind the scenes of the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna”

On April 4, viewers will see the new season of the original series of Kinopoisk “Project Anna Nikolaevna” on TNT.

This is a story about an android girl who is guarding the law. This time the events take place in Moscow, where the whole company of valiant guards of order is being transferred. learned from Fedor Lavrovhow the shooting of the new season took place, how it will be fundamentally different from the previous ones and what is left behind the scenes.

– What can the viewer expect from the new season of the popular series?

– The main difference of the second season of the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna” is that the heroes get to the capital of our homeland – the city of Moscow! All of them are forced to survive, to perform deeds and feats. Well, my hero will also try to adapt to all this and seek his own happiness.

– Where was the shooting? What’s left behind?

– The shooting of the second season took place mainly in Moscow, which is not surprising. And what’s left behind is behind the scenes (laughs). It’s hard for me to say what exactly, except for the atmosphere of the shooting, but we tried to convey it to the viewer! And, I remember, there was a very funny moment when we had to do one trick. The main heroine of the series had already left the set by the time of filming, and without her the scene would not have succeeded. In the end, we had to quickly find a way out of this situation, and then we decided to dress the director in the main character and filmed this scene in such circumstances. It was very funny, I just laughed!

– As far as we know, a new heroine will appear in the series. And what other surprises can the audience expect?

– There will be, of course, a new heroine, but why should I tell you all the surprises of the second season? These are, you know, spoilers! And here it is necessary to look. Viewers will see how relationships between people will change, how the worldview of the heroes of the series will change, as well as how they will come to the end of this story and what each of the characters will decide for themselves.

“Anna Nikolaevna Project”. Photo: TNT

– Do you work very actively, do you have time or do you have to give up some projects?

“Honestly, I seem to be making it.” Although, of course, there are some circumstances in which the choice arises. Not to say that I suffer from it because mine doesn’t leave me.

– How do you choose a project in which you will work and in which you will not?

– I still always try to choose by heart. First of all, my job, because it’s important to me. And I always make a choice in favor of where I have some kind of emotional response.

Anna Nikolaevna Project
“Anna Nikolaevna Project”. Photo: TNT

– How do you spend your free time now, and do you have it at all? Are there many filming processes and what part of your life does cinema occupy in your life?

– I dedicate my free time to children. They are growing and it is so interesting for me to watch this! And even now I’m busy in one theater project, so some filming, although it continues, but I have now “cleared” my next month and a half in order to immerse myself in work in the theater. Let’s see what comes out of this, because, I must admit, I missed you!

Watch the second season of the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna” from April 4 on TNT.

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