Fedun complains about money, Galitsky tries to keep the club, Russian Railways is silent about Lokomotiv

At the last meeting of the RFU executive committee, which took place on March 23, there were many interesting statements and decisions.

However, in addition, information was leaked, which was said on the sidelines. And there in a private conversation the owner of “Spartacus” Leonid Fedun stated that he had lost 99% of his fortune.

He said this at a meeting of the RFU executive committee on March 23, a member of the executive committee said Vladimir Afanasyev.

– I will express my opinion: the members of the executive committee should think about Russian football in general at the meeting as well. They should think about club problems in their clubs. So, Fedun said that his situation was difficult. He said he had lost 99% of his fortune. It’s his private money, it’s in his pocket. But CSKA is also a private club.

Yes, it is funded Giner and VEB together. Both CSKA and the bank are under sanctions. But Eugene Lennorovich is not discouraged and did not even stutter about it.

Problems with Krasnodar. And they say that “Krasnodar” is probably the most difficult situation in our football. But hard all over the country. Nobody says what happens to the first and second divisions. There are generally taps. Nobody just says that. But there are all state clubs, funded by the regions.

Spartak reacted immediately.

– We are not familiar with the activities of Vladimir Afanasyev, who quotes other people, it is difficult to comment on his free retelling. But if he did it, let him tell about everything else that was said at the executive committee – both with Leonid Fedun and other representatives. There is a lot of interesting things there, – the press service of the Red and Whites told Match TV.

But note that no one in the popular metropolitan club has denied this information.

It is clear that “Spartak” will not be abandoned, but the situation is very, very alarming. As in “Krasnodar”, where the owner of the “bulls” Sergei Galitsky – essentially built a real empire that could collapse. And, by the way, it was he who felt the dangers of sanctions and took some measures. What could.

Krasnodar suspended contracts with legionnaires, they left the club, and then called on Russian players to reduce salaries. They decreased by two to three times in rubles. Prior to that, the legionnaires were very highly paid. But the situation forced him to act decisively.

In the bright future, Krasnodar, according to its owner and founder, will have to provide for itself. When Sergei Galitsky is not in this world, the financing of the club will go to a fund specially organized for these needs.

The fund’s money will be invested in securities and stocks, and the club will live on earnings and interest on deposits. About the same rails Abramovich planned to rearrange Chelsea. But he did not have time. Almost all of Galitsky’s savings are foreign accounts and deposits, access to which is not yet possible due to sanctions. It is unclear how long the economic ban will last, poet

And there – maybe they will have to break and pay penalties.

There will be enough Russian reserves for operational management, but in the long run the money will have to come from somewhere. One of the options is loans, but with inflation of 20+ percent it is suicide, so the option is excluded. Many analysts predict that Krasnodar will turn from a top club into a middle-class one. Or even an outsider.

However, again, Галицкий just became the first and took action in time. The situation with Spartak, which has now also received a financial blow, proves it. It will also be recalled that Gazprom has ceased to be a sponsor of the Champions League and it is possible that Zenit will also cease to be such a long-term project.

Further we will note that the chairman of board of directors of “Locomotive” Alexander Plutnik stated that the football club was not put up for sale, as mentioned earlier.

– Football club “Locomotive” is not for sale. The government document refers to a change in the ownership structure within the Russian Railways holding.

As part of the implementation of measures to optimize the structure within the holding company received approval from the Government of the Russian Federation to consolidate ownership of FC Lokomotiv under its subsidiary – JSC “Russian Railways Asset Management” and currently owns 99.9985% of the club. Obtaining these approvals was initiated by the company in 2019, – said Plutnik.

Earlier, the Russian government agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to alienate Russian Railways 100 registered shares of Lokomotiv, which is 0.0015% of its share capital, by contributing them to pay for additional issue of shares of Russian Railways Asset Management. lower than the market value, determined on the basis of an independent appraiser’s report, and not lower than the book value.

– Too many arrows are being fired at RZD now, because it is the only state corporation that is wholly owned by the state and pays for the football club. They spend a lot of money. If they spent on football, it would be good, but in the current situation, the Russian company spends on some German gop company. It’s a shame! I think in this way they are trying to avoid the analysis of flights, so as not to answer questions about where the money was spent.

The result of the club is terrible, and a lot of money was spent on the team, which is now in the Locomotive, – said the former owner of “Spartak” Andrey Chervichenko.

It is a question of that German experts headed by p Thomas Zorn. Some of them have literally escaped, but the project is still working. However, it is completely unclear how.

In general, as usual, everything will depend on the situation in the world. In any case, if we talk about football, then by the end of May, most likely the teams will finish the season and will solve problems, and then we’ll see. In any case, the financial “soap bubble”, which was unreasonably inflated for many years in domestic football, if it does not burst completely, it will be blown away in any situation.

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