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Zarema Salikhova stated that the departure of football player Ayrton from “Spartak” was influenced by refereeing in the RPL

One of the factors that influenced the decision of the football player Ayrton to leave “Spartak” was the refereeing of the match “red and whites” against “Nizhny Novgorod”, said the wife of the owner of the capital’s club Zarem Salikhov

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Ayrton’s injury

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The situation in the away match of “Spartak” against “Nizhny Novgorod”, in which Ayrton Lucas was injured, and the main referee Sergei Ivanov did not even punish the opposing player for rudeness, affected the departure of the Brazilian footballer from the Moscow club, said in an interview with “Sport-Express” Zarema Salikhova, wife of Spartak owner Leonid Fedun.

Earlier on Thursday, the press service of “Spartacus” announced the transfer of Ayrton to the Brazilian “Flamengo”. For Flamengo, the 24-year-old defender will play on loan until the end of the year, after which, under certain conditions, the Brazilian club will have to buy the transfer of the player.

Spartak announces Ayrton’s transfer to Flamengo

Ayrton (right)

Ayrton played his last match for Spartak on March 19 against Nizhny Novgorod (1: 1) in the 22nd round of the Russian Premier League (RPL). At the end of the first half, the home defender Kirill Gotsuk injured the Brazilian’s leg, but the referee of the match Ivanov ignored the episode. Subsequently, the expert refereeing commission of the Russian Football Union (RFU) acknowledged the referee’s mistake in this episode, noting that Gotsuk deserved to be removed from the field.

“This departure was influenced by both non-football factors and the shameful interpretation of the episode in the match with” Nizhny Novgorod “by referee Ivanov. Confused, Jikiya listens to the judge and tries to find some logic in the set of words. Nearby shocked by this explanation Sobolev, who received a red card for the same clash and disqualification for two matches. This shooting in the stands will go down in history as “The Surrealism of Football Refereeing. Episode 2022, “said Fedun’s wife.

The RFU acknowledged the referee’s mistake in the episode with the injury of Spartak player Ayrton

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Ayrton signed a new contract with Spartak in January until the summer of 2026. After the injury received in the game with “Nizhny Novgorod”, the Brazilian was disabled for about a month.

Ayrton recently extended his contract with Spartak. His departure was not part of the club’s sports strategy, like much else. Nevertheless, even in these conditions, the deal will benefit the club. Ayrton did not run away, as others did, but proved to be a professional, “Salikhova said.

Spartak announced the timing of Ayrton’s recovery

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Ayrton joined Spartak at the end of 2018 from Flamengo’s main rival, Fluminense. Since then, he has played 108 matches for the “red and whites”, in which he scored four goals and gave 11 assists.

“I hope Lucas will have something good to remember about Moscow, about the club, and he will forget Ivanov and his ilk and will quickly recover from the injury. It is a pity that Ayrton will not hold a farewell match at Spartak, because he could be a player for many years. He deserved to leave to the applause of the stands, “said Fedun’s wife.


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