Fernando Alonso: It has become easier to overtake

In the first stage of the season in Bahrain, the Alpine team earned points with two cars: Esteban Ocon finished seventh and Fernando Alonso – ninth. With eight points earned, the team ranks fifth in the Constructors’ Cup. After the finish, Fernando noted that thanks to the transition to the new technical regulations, overtaking has become really easier.

Esteban Ocon (7th): “I am very happy with today’s result – a great start to the season, and the team earned points with two cars. We had a high pace, I had some good overtaking, and the team chose the right strategy.

I would like to express my special thanks to the mechanics at the pit stops, who did a great job today. I’m happy with my race, except for the incident with Mick Schumacher, for which I apologize. My team and I will analyze everything and start preparing for the stage next week. Only forward! ”

Fernando Alonso (9th): “I am happy to have earned two points in the first race of the season. It was not easy due to the high degradation of rubber, but we expected it before the race. I defended myself for most of the first leg, and for that I had to squeeze the most out of the car, which didn’t work out in the best way.

We continue to study the features of the new tires, which will probably be the subject of much talk this season. In general, overtaking has become easier thanks to the tires and the fact that you can closely chase rivals.

Next weekend we will have a stage in Saudi Arabia, where we will face new challenges – there is no doubt about that. “

Laurent Rossi, CEO: “Fantastic start to the season for the team – Esteban and Fernando earned points. The result is the merit of everyone who worked hard in the winter on the A522 car and the RE22 power plant, so that the team had the opportunity to earn points. Thank you all for your dedicated work in the last few months, thanks to which we have everything we need to make the car more competitive in the next races.

Esteban and Fernando fought well and had a lot of overtaking, which is especially important for the entertainment of Formula 1. For them, the race was long and difficult, in which strategy played a key role. The mechanics performed brilliantly on all six pit stops, thanking them for their accuracy and concentration when it mattered.

We have felt how exciting the 2022 season can be, and we are now preparing for the stage in Saudi Arabia next week. I’m sure an interesting race awaits us there too. The goal is to keep working hard and earn more points with two cars. “


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