Ferrari made a double, the failure of “Red Bull” gave Hamilton a podium, the triumphant return of Magnussen in the “F-1” and other events of the Bahrain Grand Prix – Auto presents a digest of the most memorable events of the first stage of “Formula 1” in 2022 and other racing series over the past week.

1. Leclerc won the Bahrain Grand Prix, Science finished second, Hamilton suddenly came in third. The stage was perfect for Ferrari: the first double since 2019a series of 45 races without victories is over.

2. Paul in Bahrain became for Lecler the tenth in his career. In addition, the Monegasque won the vote racer of the day and for the first time led the personal test “F-1”. Charles will remember the weekend for a long time!

3. Failed result of “Red Bull”: Ferstappen and Perez confidently ahead of the pilots of “Mercedes”, but got off because problems with the fuel system. The favorites of the Grand Prix leave Bahrain in last place in the Constructors’ Cup.

4. Haas is the third F-1 team right now! In the first race after his return, Magnussen finished in a magnificent fifth place and brought the team the long-awaited pointsSchumacher showed the best result in his career.

5. Hulkenberg replaced Vettel, who fell ill with covid and finished last in the race. Aston Martin still looks bad and is already preparing radically different version of the car.

6. Zhou scored points in his debut race in the F-1 and emotionally expressed after the finish. Only five other current pilots can boast of such an achievement.

7. The FIA ​​has published Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Investigation Report 2021 as well amended the F-1 regulations in respect of the restart procedure.

8. Hamilton decided add your mother’s last name to the name “Larbalestir.”

9. New helmets: Hamilton returned to the originsGasley chose colors of the flag of UkraineSchumacher changed the design.

⏱️ Chronicle of the Bahrain Grand Prix: “Ferrari” won the first race of the season “Formula 1”

🏆 Position in the personal standings and the Designers’ Cup after the Grand Prix of Bahrain-2022

Other series

1. Vershor won the first Formula 2 race in BahrainPursher – the secondpole in Duane.

2. Smolyar took the podium in the sprint “Formula 3”and in second race became only the 23rd due to a fine.

3. Oliveira won the Indonesian MotoGP Grand PrixQuartararo took the pole and came to the finish line second, Mark Marquez missed the race because hard fall in the workout.

4. Indicator. Newgarden won in Texasahead of McLaughlin by 0.0669 seconds.

Bright quotes

Carlos Sains: “Ferrari is back for real”

Max Ferstappen: I sympathize with Mazepin – he worked hard to get into the “F-1”like all of us »

Toto Wolff: “After the 2016 season discussed with Hamilton whether we wanted to work together»

Lando Norris: “I’m waiting for pain in the coming races”

Race in the next seven days

1. F-1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia (March 25-27).

2. F-2 races in Jeddah (March 25-27).

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