Ferstappen or Lecler – who is higher? Ratings for the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia

The battle between Ferrari and Red Bull Racing is gaining momentum. We will find out what ratings the readers of gave to the racers and compare them with AMuS …

Max Ferstappen

Starting position – 4, finish – 1
Reader rating: 9.5
AMuS: 9

It would be difficult to call last weekend ideal for the reigning Formula One world champion. Max finished only fourth in qualifying, but made no mistakes in Sunday’s Grand Prix. The Dutchman listened to the team and patiently guarded the tires in anticipation of the attack at the decisive stage of the race, winning a beautiful and intense fight with Charles Lecler in the last laps.

Max FerstappenPhoto: Red Bull Racing

Sergio Perez

Starting position – 1, finish – 4
Reader rating: 9
AMuS: 9

After the first pole in his career, Checo was clearly determined to win, but on Sunday, luck turned away from the Mexican. Leading the race, he drove for new tires круг one lap before the safety car. All of Sergio’s main rivals saved a lot of time on pit stops and pushed him out of the top 3. Sure, the Red Bulls are happy with the winner, but Perez is unlikely to share their delight.

Sergio Perez © Red Bull Racing
Sergio PerezPhoto: Red Bull Racing

Charles Leclerc

Starting position – 2, finish – 2
Reader rating: 9
AMuS: 10

Despite the absolute dominance in training, on Saturday Charles suddenly lost to the pole pilot Red Bull Racing – and it was unexpected that they were not Ferstappen. At the start, the Monegasque failed to break into the leaders, but a timely security machine played into his hands. At the end of the race, Leclerc was unable to repel the attacks of the reigning world champion, but did his best in a fair fight.

Charles Leclerc © Ferrari
Charles LeclercPhoto: Ferrari

Carlos Science

Starting position – 3, finish – 3
Reader rating: 7.5
AMuS: 8

Unfortunately for the Spaniard, for the second race in a row he can not catch up with his teammate, although he is trying to achieve a better pace from F1-75. He started and finished the race third, and he had no chance to impose a fight on the leaders. We also did not see a face-to-face fight with Perez for third place – Carlos was lucky with the safety car, and the Mexican was not. He is still in second place in the championship, but the likelihood of becoming a second Ferrari driver is becoming more real.

Carlos Science © Ferrari
Carlos SciencePhoto: Ferrari

George Russell

Starting position – 6, finish – 5
Reader rating: 7
AMuS: 9

The second race in Mercedes, and Russell is already six points ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the championship. It seems that this weekend the future star of “Silver Arrows” everything went according to plan. George adjusted his car better than his partner, due to which he qualified ten positions above the seven-time world champion. He overtook Esteban Ocon, but was still a long way from challenging Red Bull and Ferrari – all that remains is to wait for a solution to the W13 pace.

George Russell © Mercedes
George RussellPhoto: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton

Starting position – 15, finish – 10
Reader rating: 5
AMuS: 7

For the first time since 2017, the seven-time F1 world champion did not advance to the second qualifying segment. In the third practice, the Briton managed to adjust and on Saturday night did not rule out a possible start from the pit lane to correct mistakes. However, on Sunday everything turned out much better: by the middle of the race Lewis had already caught up with his teammate, but due to the closed pit lane he missed not only the chance to change tires during a virtual safety car, but also a higher position.

Lewis Hamilton © Mercedes
Lewis HamiltonPhoto: Mercedes

Esteban Ocon

Starting position – 5, finish – 6
Reader rating: 8
AMuS: 8

For the Frenchman, the qualification was much better than Sunday’s Grand Prix. At the beginning of the race he was overtaken by Russell and Bottas, and then all attention was focused on the exciting battle between Esteban and his partner Fernando Alonso. The two-time F1 world champion prevailed in this fight, but ended up out of the game due to technical problems. And Okon, in turn, remained in a decent sixth place due to the late overtaking of Lando Norris.

Esteban Okon © Alpine Racing
Esteban OconPhoto: Alpine Racing

Fernando Alonso

Starting position – 7, finish – 16
Reader rating: 7.5
AMuS: 8

After losing to his teammate in Bahrain, Fernando was determined not to let this scenario happen again. At the beginning of the race, the Spaniard started a daring battle with Okon, from which he emerged victorious. After the restart, Alonso overtook another and Alpine confidently moved to double points, but in the end a strong race ended for the two-time F1 world champion with a draw.

Fernando Alonso © Alpine Racing
Fernando AlonsoPhoto: Alpine Racing

Lando Norris

Starting position – 11, finish – 7
Reader rating: 7.5
AMuS: 7

Compared to the failed Grand Prix of Bahrain, McLaren has made a huge step forward, and Lando repaid the team with the first points in the 2022 season. MCL36 is still far from ideal, in qualifying the Briton stopped one step away from the top ten. On Sunday, Norris broke into the scoring zone, but on the last lap could not keep behind the Window.

Lando Norris © McLaren
Lando NorrisPhoto: McLaren

Daniel Riccardo

Starting position – 14, finish – 17
Reader rating: 5.5
AMuS: 7

Everything was not as bad as in the first stage. Daniel advanced to the second segment, traditionally losing several positions to Norris. On Sunday, the Australian was even ahead of his teammate, but on the 37th lap he became one of the three pilots who were overtaken by technical problems, which ended in the meeting.

Daniel Riccardo © McLaren
Daniel RiccardoPhoto: McLaren

Pierre Gasley

Starting position – 9, finish – 8
Reader rating: 7
AMuS: 8

AlphaTauri had a difficult weekend. On Saturday, Gasley reached the final segment, but in the first laps of the race he was overtaken by Magnussen and Norris. Like many others, he was unlucky with the safety car, and in general it was a rather ugly race for the Frenchman. It later emerged that Pierre had suffered severe abdominal pain for the past 15 laps, which is at least respectable.

Pierre Gasley © Red Bull Racing
Pierre GasleyPhoto: Red Bull Racing

Yuki Tsunoda

Starting position – did not start
Reader rating: 3.5
AMuS: 6

If last week the equipment let his partner down, in Jeddah Tsunoda suffered from problems with the reliability of the Honda engine. On Saturday, the Japanese could not pass the qualifying round, and on Sunday did not even get to the starting grid, stopping at the setting lap.

Yuki Tsunoda © Red Bull Racing
Yuki TsunodaPhoto: Red Bull Racing

Kevin Magnussen

Starting position – 10, finish – 9
Reader rating: 8
AMuS: 8

One of the three pilots who tried an alternative strategy: like Hamilton, the Dane started on Hard. But, unlike the British, he managed to drive into the pits before closing the pit lane. Prior to that, Magnussen and Hamilton had a great fight with several laps, as well as the progress of Haas and the lack of pace at Mercedes. Kevin lost the battle with the British, but in the end still managed to keep him behind, bringing the team another important point.

Kevin Magnussen © Haas
Kevin MagnussenPhoto: Haas

Mick Schumacher

Starting position – did not start
Reader rating: 2.5
AMuS: 6

Mick was one step away from the first career qualifying final in Formula One, but a terrible accident at 270 km / h ruined all the plans of Schumacher Jr. The German racer made his fans and all the spectators worried. As a result, he could not start – the team decided not to take risks, hastily restoring the car.

Mick Schumacher © Haas
Mick SchumacherPhoto: Haas

Zhou Guanyu

Starting position – 12, finish – 11
Reader rating: 6
AMuS: 7

After feats last week, the Saudi Grand Prix was more like a F1 rookie’s weekend. Guanyu had a bad start and rolled back to the last line, then collided with Daniel Riccardo and received a five-second penalty. But the failures did not end there: it later turned out that the Chinese driver, by mistake of the team, did not serve his sentence properly and received another fine in the form of driving on the pit lane, which did not allow Zhou to get points.

Zhou Guanyu © Alfa Romeo
Zhou GuanyuPhoto: Alfa Romeo

Valtteri Bottas

Starting position – 8, finish – descent
Reader rating: 8
AMuS: 8

This time, the Finn failed to repeat the success of last week, and not through his own fault. Valtteri qualified well, in the early stages of the race overtook Okon and pressed other opponents, until the alarmingly high temperature of the engine forced him to go down on the ill-fated 37th lap.

Valtteri Bottas © Alfa Romeo
Valtteri BottasPhoto: Alfa Romeo

Nico Hulkenberg

Starting position – 17, finish – 12
Reader rating: 6.5
AMuS: 6

Nico himself said that he had a flawless race and was proud of himself. Of course, after starting on Hard, it was easy prey for faster cars, but eventually broke through and almost reached the points zone. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Nico Hulkenberg © Aston Martin
Nico HulkenbergPhoto: Aston Martin

Lance Stroll

Starting position – 13, finish – 13
Reader rating: 5.5
AMuS: 7

The Canadian tried to rehabilitate after the failure in Bahrain, but at the end of the race everything went awry because of Alex Albon who crashed into him. So Aston Martin and Williams are now the only teams not to score points in the new season.

Lance Stroll © Aston Martin
Lance StrollPhoto: Aston Martin

Alex Albon

Starting position – 16, finish – 14
Reader rating: 5.5
AMuS: 6

It was a terrible weekend for Williams, both cars of the team ended up out of the fight. Albon was close to the checkered flag, but at the end of the race he had an accident with Stroll, which not only punctured the tire and remained last, but also lost three positions at the start of the next race in Melbourne.

Alex Albon © Williams
Alex AlbonPhoto: Williams

Nicholas Latifi

Starting position – 18, finish – descent
Reader rating: 3
AMuS: 1

Two accidents over the weekend, both in the crucial moments – in qualifying and the race. What can I say, this week Nicholas brought a lot of losses to his team.

Nicholas Latifi © Williams
Nicholas LatifiPhoto: Williams

Readers’ rating of pilots after the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia
The pilot Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain Saudi Arabia Average score
Charles Leclerc 10 9 9.5
Max Ferstappen 9 9.5 9.2
Kevin Magnussen 9.5 8 8.7
Valtteri Bottas 8.5 8 8.2
Sergio Perez 7.5 9 8.2
Carlos Science 8.5 7.5 8
Esteban Ocon 7.5 8 7.7
Pierre Gasley 7.5 7 7.2
Fernando Alonso 7 7.5 7.2
George Russell 7 7 7
Zhou Guanyu 7.5 6 6.7
Lewis Hamilton 8 5 6.5
Lando Norris 5 7.5 6.2
Nico Hulkenberg 5.5 6.5 6
Alex Albon 6 5.5 5.7
Lance Stroll 5.5 5.5 5.5
Yuki Tsunoda 7.5 3.5 5.5
Daniel Riccardo 5 5.5 5.2
Mick Schumacher 5.5 2.5 4
Nicholas Latifi 5 3 4

Ranking of pilots after the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia from Auto Motor und Sport
The pilot Bahrain Saudi Arabia Average score
Charles Leclerc 10 10 10
Max Ferstappen 9 9 9
Kevin Magnussen 9 8 8.5
Sergio Perez 8 9 8.5
Valtteri Bottas 8 8 8
George Russell 7 9 8
Pierre Gasley 8 8 8
Esteban Ocon 8 8 8
Carlos Science 7 8 7.5
Lewis Hamilton 8 7 7.5
Fernando Alonso 7 8 7.5
Zhou Guanyu 8 7 7.5
Alex Albon 8 6 7
Lando Norris 6 7 6.5
Lance Stroll 6 7 6.5
Nico Hulkenberg 7 6 6.5
Yuki Tsunoda 7 6 6.5
Daniel Riccardo 5 7 6
Mick Schumacher 6 6 6
Nicholas Latifi 4 1 2.5

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