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FIFA Council member refutes information about replacing Iran with Italy in the final part of the 2022 World Cup

Italian media wrote that FIFA may exclude Iran from the World Cup, and Italy will replace it in the final part of the tournament. “It’s just taking what you want for granted,” said a member of the FIFA board

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The Italian national team will not be able to replace the Iranian national team at the World Cup, which will be held in Qatar this year. This was announced on Rai Radio 1 Sport by a member of the board of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Evelina Kristillin.

A number of Italian media have previously reported that even after relegation in the butt mini-tournament, Italy can still get to the World Cup. According to them, this could happen if FIFA excludes the Iranian national team from the championship. The International Football Federation is unhappy that Iran has for many years ignored requests to revise one of its laws, which prohibits women from visiting stadiums. This issue became acute again after the match of the qualifying tournament for the World Cup, in which Iran hosted Lebanon (2: 0).

“Yesterday there was a FIFA council here in Qatar, and today there was a congress attended by all delegations, including the Iranian one: neither yesterday nor today there was any talk of excluding them from the World Cup,” said Christillin.

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Photo: Ahmed Gomaa / Xinhua / Global Look Press

According to her, in any case, even if Iran were excluded, its place in the final part of the World Cup would be given to a team from Asia. “In short, let’s get rid of the idea that Italy can go to the World Cup. It is impossible to save our team, it’s just taking what is desired for real, “she said.

The Italian national team lost to the team of Northern Macedonia in the semifinal match (0: 1) and lost the chance to get to the tournament in Qatar. This is the fourth time in history that Italy will not play in the World Cup. The Italians missed the very first World Cup in 1930, and then could not qualify for the tournaments in 1958 and 2018.

The World Cup in Qatar will be held from November 21 to December 18. 29 participants of the competition have already been determined, three more teams will receive vouchers in June.


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