Financial horoscope for the week from March 28 to April 3, 2022

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There are many ways to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity. For example, bioenergy experts recommend attracting wealth using the wise advice of ancestors. It is also important to apply in practice what is described in our horoscope. It is projected to be a very productive and auspicious week, so don’t be idle.


The transition of Mercury to the Sign of Aries just before the beginning of this week is accompanied by an increase in the success of Aries. These people will become more optimistic, attentive. But the aspect of Saturn and Venus on Monday will lead to the fact that much in money matters at the beginning of the week will depend on the correct assessment of others and on the caution in handling money. It is better to go shopping with close people. They certainly will not advise anything extra. As a cardinal sign of the Zodiac, Aries will be able to adapt very quickly to any unexpected changes in this area.


Anxiety and negative mood will definitely not attract luck on the side of Taurus, so it is important to maintain an optimistic mood throughout the week. This week, under the influence of night lights, it is possible to restructure the energy plan, which will affect the sphere of money. Tauruses will easily cope with any problems and will be able to benefit from past experience, solve old problems. Astrologers believe that it is important for them now to develop the sixth sense. In this Taurus will help special useful exercises.

The twins

The twins will be more inclined to permanence and stability, which will have a positive effect on their income. It is possible that people of this Sign will begin to crave change. For now, they should hold the horses without spending money thoughtlessly to the right and left. Also, do not change jobs abruptly. It is better to weigh everything carefully and be extremely careful. The future will depend on current actions. At the end of the week, financial affairs will go even faster. The twins will need a lot of energy, but in order to become more energetic, you will have to give up some unnecessary things.


Cancers in the period from March 28 to April 3 will feel inspired and want to change their lives for the better. It is worth starting with the financial sphere of life. You can do important shopping. According to astrologers, purchases for the house, building materials, and clothes will be favorable. The most dangerous day of the week will be Monday due to the union of Saturn and Venus. This aspect will create a lot of doubts and illusions. However, even on this day, luck will remain on the side of Cancer. To keep fortune at hand, you need to remember seven useful financial rules for each day.


Lviv is expected to have a fairly stable financial situation. Therefore, people of this zodiac sign will be able to conduct hygiene of consciousness and say goodbye to bad financial habits. Lions should sort out accounts and checks, sell unnecessary things, or get rid of rubbish. Charity and spending on gifts to loved ones will be useful. There are a lot of reasons for the disruption of the flow of abundance, but the Lions are not in danger. These people are on a wave of confidence, positivity and enthusiasm, so life goes on.


Virgos should be afraid of enemies and foes in the first place this week. On the wave of financial success, the representatives of this Sign may have new enemies. These may be the enviers to be feared. This is a good time for a career start, and therefore for the subsequent growth of income, so that others will be envious. Five useful whispers will help protect against the negativity of such people. Do not take the word of casual advisers, buy goods based only on advertising. Virgos shouldn’t chase after discounts either. The probability of wasting will be considerable.


Libra should listen to intuition more often, as it will be very acute this week. People of this Sign between March 28 and April 3 must say goodbye to old things to be replaced by new ones. This is the law of the substitution of the universe. The stars are now on the side of Libra, so they will be able to overcome uncertainty and doubt. The lives of these people will be much more pleasant, as awareness will appear. Astrologers advise saving time, not money. Time will be the most valuable resource this week.


In these seven days, the Scorpions will have the financial sphere at the forefront. At this time, it will be easier to deal with problems: to distribute debts, pay bills, save money for the future and make the necessary acquisitions. The beginning of the week will be difficult due to the negative aspect of Venus and Saturn, but on Tuesday the situation will change for the better. It is quite feasible for those born under the sign of Scorpio to fulfill their cherished desire. It is better for everyone who works with people to use effective techniques and secrets of persuasion. This will help you achieve what you want faster.


For Sagittarians will be beneficial acquisitions aimed at changing the image or improving health: you can safely update your wardrobe, buy season tickets to the gym or pool, buy care products to visit a stylist, hairdresser. The stars promise Sagittarius to strengthen social ties, including those through which these people will be able to find new opportunities in business and work. In general, the period is favorable for changing jobs, finding new sources of income and starting a new business. Everyone who works at home should try to create a favorable atmosphere in their home walls.


Capricorns should communicate less with toxic people and watch less TV, because it is harmful to energy. From March 28 to April 3, Capricorns also need to be careful when handling money: overpayments for purchases are possible. Mercury is in a good position, but this does not mean that you need to assert yourself at the expense of others, brag about achievements, put dust in the eyes of others. The universe will appreciate the reasonable thrift of Capricorns, opening up new opportunities for them.


At the beginning of the week, astrologers advise Aquarius to go shopping, but do it with a list, otherwise you can collect a lot of extra and low-quality goods. The same goes for the end of the week – the planets will not be in the best position, so the money may seem to disappear from your pocket. It is necessary to look for opportunities for earnings, business expansion and the squeak of new sources of income. It is also very important to pay bills or pay off debts this week. Astrologers also advise to beware of evil people. It is worth using special charms.


Pisces will have to work harder this week, but it will bring them more money. Intellectual work will be especially profitable, so Pisces will need to improve memory. Five drinks will help them in this. It is not recommended to take on too many commitments now. Career growth is very important, but we should not forget about other areas. Nothing bad will happen if you take a short break from work. If you plan a lot of work, looking for a new job, you should not procrastinate and be distracted.

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