First №1 WTA from Poland: Iga ёнwiętek is a fan of AC / DC and ABBA, but hates Game of Thrones

“I can’t believe it.” The new №1 ёнwiętek led the tour and outscored Nadal

Sofia Kolodkina

The first №1 WTA from Poland

Catwoman, rocker and hater of Game of Thrones. Who is Iga ёнwiętek – the new №1 WTA.

On March 28, Iga ёнwiętek will wake up the world’s first racket. She defeated the Swiss Victoria Golubich in the 2nd round of the “WTA 1000” in Miami (6: 2, 6: 0). After the end of Ashley Barty’s career, the starting victory in America for Polka is the last step to the dream.

“I can’t believe it. But I am so happy that I won here. I worked very hard on it, and, most importantly, I like it, ”said Iga after the victory in Miami.

She refuted the main cliché of women’s tennis

Unpredictable women’s tennis can be except the end of any series of Marvel movie universe. Although there are enough unexpected twists in the WTA. As evidenced by recent events in the women’s net of the thousandth: a good dozen top tennis players flew home after the defeat, a little less athletes were cut off due to injuries, not having played a match. But the main heroine of sunny Miami still became Iga ёнwiętek. The attention of all cameras will now be focused only on her – the new №1 round.

Iga ёнwiętek

Iga ёнwiętek

Photo: Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

For those who did not look into the women’s network after her sensational triumph at Roland Garros in 2020, the rise of the polka will seem unrealistic – in 2019, she only covered the top 100. But yesterday’s schoolgirl, every month after the sensational major, refuted the cliché relevant to women’s tennis: one-day champions. Bianca Andrescu, Elena Ostapenko, Flavia Pennetta, Marion Bartoli, and more recently Emma Raducanu – after the sunset of sisters Williams and Maria Sharapova, it is difficult to predict anything in the WTA.

There will be no
There will be no “career helmet”! The best tennis player in the world suddenly retired

But Igie’s career advancement and stability didn’t take long. The girl’s piggy bank already includes the thousandth of Rome and the “five hundredth” of Adelaide in 2021, she is confident in the cups in 2022: she won two consecutive WTA-1000 tournaments in Indian Wells and Doha. Add to that Wimbledon’s junior TBS and WG’s seven ITF victories, and the 20-year-old polka looks best in the world.

AC / DC, mental guru and Rafa Nadal

Her progress did not come out of nowhere: working for the future, Iga joined the team of a sports psychologist in time – she believes that mental health is the reason for success №1. Daria Abramovich with Polka all championship years:

“We worked a lot off the court: creating a personal brand, communicating with management and raising awareness about the business side of tennis. If you feel comfortable and safe in these areas, you can focus more on your tennis, training and performances, ”says Abramovich.

Her consciousness also changed. Iga realized how important it is sometimes to change the perspective: to see the sunset, have a good coffee or pause things to enjoy the moment. Harmony brought more than one cup to the girl.

And it relaxes a lot of old-school things as a memory of the past: Lego bricks or puzzles, historical novels – “Cathedral of the Sea” by Ildefonso Falcones – and radio hits of the 90’s: Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Santana, Coldplay, AC / DC. It’s not scary to hit a road trip with such a partner.

“When I was going to the tournaments, the coaches and my father listened to this music,” explains Iga. – And she just stayed with me, I fell in love with her. I think that my passion for old music is the result of the fact that in the past it was more valuable, more spiritual, emotional and less synthetic, ”said ёнwiętek.

Iga ёнwiętek

Iga ёнwiętek

Photo: Robert Prange / Getty Images

The father not only formed the girl’s musical taste, but was the first to believe in her success. Tomasz ёнwiętek is a rower who competed at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Poland. There he said a few words to Steffi Graf and Gabriela Sabatini and decided that his child should play tennis. It is possible that ёнwiętek wanted to realize his Olympic ambitions in the person of a girl. Now he has another reason to be proud of his daughter.

The yoke is also improving technically: aggression, top spin, fast movements and play around the court – the tricks of the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, from whom he has been a fan since childhood, she also uses in her tennis. In life, ёнwiętek is not at all associated with what he creates on the covers and listens in headphones. US Open 2020 winner Naomi Osaka considers her “the main tennis cutie”.

“When I was breathing, I felt pain.” Rafael Nadal lost for the first time this season

Now ёнwiętek is the first polka №1 in the WTA. She is the leader in points won during the season in rounds: Iga bypassed Rafa Nadal, who has 20 such meetings. I want to believe that the new challenge will not break the girl and the athlete will not burn out emotionally, because there is a favorite ground.

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