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April should bring more joy and warmth. Astrologers say that this month some signs of the Zodiac will be able to receive special favor from the stars. This means that some members of the Zodiac Circle will be able to fulfill their dreams and achieve everything they aspired to. We offer to find out who will be the lucky ones.

Fish in April they must realize all their even the most daring fantasies. They can count on the favor of the stars, and therefore everything planned will definitely work out. If you are planning to buy, change jobs, move or other big changes, then everything will turn out as well as possible. Jupiter will provide the necessary help and success will come in all spheres of life, the main thing is not to be afraid to take risks.

Capricorn in early April may experience some difficulties with some losses. Do not despair and it is better to let go easily. Somewhere will disappear, and somewhere will come, namely what we have long dreamed of. Some representatives of this sign will be able to find love, and some will solve a long-standing real estate issue. Capricorns will be able to radically change their lives, and the whole series of events will be positive.

The twins ready for change. And April will bring a lot of these changes. During this period, you may receive well-deserved honor and respect. Success will be beyond fiction. Professionally, you can count on an increase. Popularity can also come unexpectedly. Everything you could have dreamed of will come true.

Taurus will have incredible luck in April. At the same time, a person from the past will help in the realization of goals and dreams. Representatives of this Sign will be able to go on the long-awaited train. To accomplish everything, it is important to grab luck by the tail from the beginning of the month and not let go until the very end.

Cancer in April, too, will be able to fulfill all their desires. However, this will require effort on their part. In April, you should take care of yourself and show a little healthy selfishness. It is important not to stop dreaming and understand what you sincerely want. All cases can be resolved very quickly. Representatives of this sign can also discover new talents that will help them find happiness and wealth.

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From April 1, for the first time in Bashkortostan, the high-speed Today the first electric train “Swallow” was launched in the Republic of Bashkortostan in the direction of Ufa – Priyutovo. The head of the Kuibyshev Railway Vyacheslav Dmitriev, the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov, representatives of JSC “Bashkortostan PPK” and the authorities of the region took part in the solemn departure of the first passengers of the high-speed electric train.

– The launch of “Swallows” between Ufa and Priyutovo stations is another confirmation of the true partnership between Russian Railways and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Every year we expand the route network of modern suburban rolling stock in the region. Last year, new rail buses “Orlan” arrived in Bashkortostan, in 2022 in Ufa – the first “Swallow”. We plan to continue the renewal of rolling stock and railway infrastructure, – said the head of the road Vyacheslav Dmitriev.

The Swallow electric train will run on the route of the most popular suburban train “Western Express” Ufa – Priyutovo – Ufa. Travel time between the two cities will be reduced to 2 hours 55 minutes. Stops are provided at Dema, Alkino, Chishmy-1, Shingak-Kul, Davlekanovo, Raevka, Shafranovo, Aksenovo and Aksakovo stations.

The fare on the “Swallow” from Ufa to Priyutovo will be 535 rubles. There will be all federal benefits and discounts for students – (full-time and secondary special institutions) and schoolchildren (including students in boarding schools and other similar educational institutions).

Tickets are available for purchase in the RZD Passengers mobile application and at suburban ticket offices.

“Swallows” – a new generation of rolling stock. Each car is equipped with air conditioning. Disinfection of air is carried out by means of ultraviolet lamps; they are completely safe for humans, as they are under the roof of the car. The cabin has outlets for recharging mobile devices,

special platforms for large luggage. Toilets are located in the main cars. The train also has seats for people with disabilities and lifts for boarding and disembarking.

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The Russians were told what cosmetics to replace the departed foreign brandsThe Russian market is undergoing some changes and perturbations due to the situation in Ukraine. So, to replace foreign brands of cosmetics have already found a replacement. This was reported in the publication “Rise”.

According to the publication, the Russian company Mixit announced operational changes in the import of raw materials and the construction of new logistics. Employees of the brand said that the retailer does not plan to close or increase the cost of production, despite the use of raw materials from Europe.

The company’s statement says there is a long-term planning system at the plant, so Mixit is not in short supply. The company’s production facilities allow it to produce several million products for body, face and hair per month.

Mixit has long been selling cosmetics that are analogous to foreign brands at affordable prices. In particular, we are talking about serums, anti-aging products, products with microneedles and others.

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The mayor of Ufa approved the beginning of the design of the site along the White RiverThe mayor of Ufa Ratmir Mavliev approved the beginning of development of the project by the Zhilstroyinvest company on planning of a site between st. Sochinskaya, Pugacheva and Kavkazskaya, which is located along the White River. The volume of the territory was 27.7 hectares. The relevant decision was published on the official portal of the Ufa City Hall on March 31.

The characteristics of the site indicate the possibility of building it with high-rise buildings. Today, the private residential sector and administrative buildings, in particular the Ufa District Court, are located in this area.

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Designers have named 5 simple and cheap ways to renovate the living room without repairThe living room is the most visited room in the house. All family members gather here and guests gather here. Sometimes this room lacks comfort and life. It is possible to correct this with the help of simple things.

The carpet will create coziness in the room and allow to make zoning of space. So, it can unite a soft group of furniture or a dining space. Today we can choose a carpet of any texture and color, as their choice is diverse, writes Profile.Ru.

Decorated walls look more residential. You can add comfort to the room through paintings, posts or herbariums in frames on the walls. You can find all this in interior stores. Herbarium frames will remind you of walks in the woods.

Textile sets that are properly matched to the overall atmosphere of the room will be the cheapest way to change the interior. Your living room can become more cozy, brighter or more concise with the help of curtains, sofa pillows or a blanket. It is better to choose several sets that can be changed depending on the time of year.

Open shelves with the observed order can also add details to an interior. It is possible to store not only books on such shelves, but stylish frames with photos, flowerpots or accessories. Books in this case should be spread by color or size.

The coffee table is capable to beat upholstered furniture which will become an interesting decor and a necessary subject of an interior. Also on a coffee table it is possible to recreate an interesting composition which will set mood to all interior.

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UFPS RB: The subscription campaign for the 2nd half of 2022 has started in BashkortostanOn April 1, the Russian Post opened a subscription to 6,000 publications for the second half of 2022. And from April 4 to 14, together with publishing houses, the company will provide subscribers with a discount of up to 30% on 1,800 newspapers and magazines, including more than 140 national, district and urban newspapers and magazines published in Bashkortostan.

You can subscribe to the print media for the second half of 2022 according to the Russian Post’s own catalog. The Post’s subscription agency has more than 6,000 publications, including in the national languages ​​of different peoples of Russia. Among the publications are socio-political, entertainment and specialized newspapers and magazines.

You can subscribe on the Russian Post website in the “Online subscription” section. In a few clicks you can choose and pay for a newspaper or magazine. Publications in the electronic catalog can be searched both by title and by index or publisher. For ease of search, they are sorted by category, reader preferences, topics, alphabet and popularity. The customer chooses a convenient way to receive subscriptions: home to the mailbox, in the subscription box or from the operator at the post office. You can also subscribe in the mobile application of the Post, in any post office of the republic and at home with the help of a postman.

Residents and organizations of Bashkortostan can join the charity subscription to periodicals addressed to social institutions under the federal program “Tree of Good”. You can choose an orphanage, hospice, boarding school, nursing home and gift editions in any post office, as well as on the website of the Russian Post.

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