Former star of “Doma-2” Sasha Cherno showed sagging skin due to weight loss

19:17, 04.04.2022

The ex-participant of the teleconstruction lost 50 kg

28-year-old Sasha Cherno, who became popular after participating in the reality show “House-2”, has been overweight for many years. The TV star was not helped by diet and exercise. In October last year, she took drastic measures – underwent surgery to reduce the stomach. After the surgery, Sasha began to lose weight dramatically. Today Cherno showed the condition of her skin after losing weight.

Cherno posted a video in which she appeared in pajamas – in a top and short shorts. She decided to dispel users’ speculations about her weight loss. “Who said what – Photoshop is not Photoshop. Here, please, without Photoshop. I have such a leg. And this hillock will not pass. This will be removed only by surgery, to my great regret, “said Sasha.

Sasha Cherno

The ex-participant of the teleconstruction added that she will have to perform several operations. Cherno announced her intention to tighten her abdomen and chest, as well as cut off excess skin in the armpits. According to the TV star, she is upset by the distrust of subscribers. “See what a slender doe. By the way, here’s a life hack: my panties have turned into elegant shorts. And you want to tell me that I did not lose weight? Are you serious? ” She summed up.

Earlier, Cherno said that she lost fifty kilograms. The news of losing weight made the TV so happy that she burst into tears. “Do you understand what minus 50 means?” This is a whole person, “said the ex-member of” House-2 “. Sasha stressed that she achieved such a result due to perseverance, but, according to her, without surgery she would not have been able to lose weight. In order not to return to her former form, Alexandra needs to develop the habit of eating right and looking after herself. She clarified that before losing weight she was critical – 170 kilograms.

Sasha Cherno

We will remind, Sasha decided on operation on shunting of a stomach in the fall of 2021. Then she began to be examined in the selected clinic and prepare for surgery. After the operation, Cherno worried that the efforts would not bring a positive result, but after a while she noticed a sharp change in taste preferences. According to Alexandra, she was disgusted with everything sweet. At the same time, she noted that she felt a surge of strength and energy.

After discharge from the clinic, Sasha strictly followed all the recommendations of specialists. In four and a half months she was able to lose more than 40 kilograms. According to Cherno herself, she would like the mark on the scales to reach 75-80 kg. Alexandra also understood all the consequences of abrupt weight loss, including sagging skin. The TV host assured that she would enroll in the gym to tighten up her figure.

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