Formula 1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia: online broadcast of the race on March 27, the main events

Eugene Kustov

Three meetings in a row!

Alonso loses seventh place, which should have been sixth after Hamilton’s pit stop! Slowly Fernando returns to the pits due to a technical problem, it’s a shame!

And on the starting line “McLaren” Riccardo goes even slower! Daniel stopped at the entrance to the pit lane.

Finally, Bottas is coming down in the pits!

Eugene Kustov

31st lap out of 50. The gap between Leclerc and Ferstappen is a second and a half, but Charles does not allow Max to get into the DRS. Science is four seconds behind Max and two ahead of Perez.

Russell is confidently fifth, Hamilton sixth, but Lewis, like Magnussen, still has a mandatory pit stop. Alonso in the eighth position is trying to keep Bottas, Okon closes the top 10 with a gap from the “McLaren” Riccardo and Norris. Hulkenberg on the old tires could not keep the whole group and is only 14th.

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Restart the race! Leclerc did not allow Ferstappen to attack, and Perez eventually voluntarily missed Sains so as not to risk a fine. Russell is in fifth place, Hamilton is pressing Magnussen for sixth place.

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Replays showed that when Science left the pit lane, Perez probably pushed him off the trajectory. So-so behavior in a safe car. Stewards are investigating what happened.

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18 laps behind. Top 10: Leclerc, Ferstappen, Perez, Science, Russell, Magnussen, Hamilton, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Bottas. Without pit stops Magnussen, Hamilton and Hulkenberg.

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Latifi’s accident puts Leclerc in the lead!

Accident Latifi turns the tide of the race! Nicholas crashed the car, provoking a safety car. By that time, Perez had just made a pit stop, and in the end Sergio bypassed both Leclerc and Ferstappen! Even ahead of Science, Cheko was barely there!

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12th round. Perez – 2.7 – Leclerc – 2.1 – Ferstappen – 2.9 – Science – 10.7 – Russell – 8.3 – Alonso – 0.2 – Windows – 1.5 – Bottas – 1.1 – Magnussen – 2.1 – Gasley – 2.8 – Hamilton. Lewis passed Norris.

Eugene Kustov

7th round. Perez broke away from Leclerc for two and a half seconds, Charles was one and a half ahead of Ferstappen, who was three from Science. So far no attacks. Russell is fifth after overtaking Okon. On the third attempt and despite the tough defense of the partner passed the Frenchman and Alonso. Hamilton is 14th and complains of poor traction on hard tires.

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Start! Perez confidently maintained the lead, Lecler slightly hindered Science – and that on the outer radius went around Ferstappen! Magnussen is ahead of Gasley in the race for ninth place, Hamilton is 14th after overtaking Albon.

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Almost all start on “medium” tires, and only a few people on “software”. These are Magnussen, Hamilton and Hulkenberg.

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Max Ferstappen before the start: “I look forward to the race. I think we can compete well with Ferrari. We have a good top speed, and they are good in corners. Let’s see what works best. “

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Albert Fabrega: “Everything is fine with the Science car. There was a problem with the insulation in the fuel system. Everything is fine now. “

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Franz Toast has officially confirmed that Yuki Tsunoda will definitely not take part in the race. Sorry Japanese. Yesterday the problem, today…

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Yuki stopped on the track and left the car. If there is no miracle in the form of instant evacuation to the pits and repairs, then only 18 pilots will start the race.

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Tsunoda has a motor problem

And now Tsunoda complains on the radio about problems with the motor !!!

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Science gets behind the wheel of the car – it seems that the problems are eliminated. The setting circles and the race itself will show everything.

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Science has a problem with the car!

Something is wrong with Carlos Science’s car! Ferrari has confirmed that there is a problem and is urgently trying to fix it.


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At least two pilots expect that Sunday’s race will be very difficult for them. Yes, it is Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen who missed full preparation for the season. The German believes that due to the peculiarities of the track he will face the most difficult race in his career, and the Dane admitted the day before that in the third segment of qualifying he seemed to have a “broken neck”.

We wish good luck to two new friends.

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Mick Schumacher is back in Jeddah’s paddock today. He says he would be ready to start the race if Haas were able to restore his car.

Photo: Clive Mason / Getty Images

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Photo from the parade of pilots. Alex Albon and Yuki Tsunoda are together again, together again.

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Lewis Hamilton must win another Michael Schumacher record today: the race will be the 180th for the Briton in the “Mercedes”. At the moment, Lewis and Michael have 179 races in one F-1 team.

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About an hour ago, the main Formula 2 race ended. She was surprisingly calm compared to the sprint race and the F-1 qualification: no accidents, safe cars or, moreover, red flags. Suspiciously calm race with the victory of the pilot, who started from pole position – Brazilian Felipe Drugovic.

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Hamilton will not start from the pit lane

Good evening! There is an hour and a half before the start of the Formula 1 race. And recently it became known that Lewis Hamilton still did not dare to radically change the settings of the car and therefore lose the 15th starting position in favor of starting from the pit lane.

It will be recalled that only 19 pilots will take part in the race: Haas decided not to restore Mick Schumacher’s car in a hurry after the brutal accident the day before.

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