Fourcade, Hiddink and other athletes who supported Russia

Russian sport is in complete isolation. Most foreigners are either silent or support these barbaric methods. But there are those who are not afraid to express their unpopular views in the world, supporting athletes from Russia. We have gathered our comrades from the world of sports.

Comrade Fourcade

Biathlon world champion Simon Fourcade was the brightest. During the Junior Biathlon World Championships, he corrected the injustice in a very original way when he saw the organizers tearing the Russian flag off the wax booth. He took the French flag, tore it into three strips, from which he composed our tricolor. Despite harassment online, Fourcade has not changed his mind and continues to speak out against the exclusion of Russian athletes from the competition.

Comrade Hiddink

Former coach of the Russian national team Guus Hiddink also spoke out against too harsh measures in relation to Russian sports.

“I live in the Netherlands and support all my friends from Russia. I’m talking to some of them, they also don’t understand what’s going on. Sport in general only suffers from the fact that someone is trying to figure out the relationship between them. But normal people remain normal: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia, in Ukraine, in Europe or China. Everyone is in good contact, “Gus was quoted as saying by” Championship “.

Comrade Halep

Although Russians are not forbidden to compete in world tennis, the flag of our country is banned. This outraged one of the brightest tennis players of today, Romanian Simona Halep.

“It is difficult for me to say anything. Most likely, something will be decided soon, but they are not to blame. I’m sorry for the emotions they have to experience now. It is not easy when your flag is taken away, ”Simona said.

Photo: Konstantin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

Comrade Conte

One of the most respected football coaches of our time, Antonio Conte, who now works at Tottenham Hotspur in London, does not accept what is happening.

“I know very well how much work they do every day to compete. And the fact that athletes are subject to sanctions is wrong. It is very sad to realize that Russian athletes are excluded from competitions, to realize that this whole situation affects football, ”Antonio said.

Comrade Lucescu

Unexpectedly, he supported Russian sports and football coach Mircea Lucescu from Romania, who is mostly known for his work at Shakhtar Donetsk and now heads Dynamo Kyiv.

“Russian athletes should not pay for what is happening in Ukraine. But I believe that sport can help establish peace. Maybe not impose it, but it can pave the way for what we all want. What will we do after the conflict? How will we reconcile with each other? ” – said Lucescu, who previously worked at the St. Petersburg “Zenith”.

Comrade Bellerin

Betis and Spanish footballer Hector Bellerin went even further, pointing to the West for double standards.

“I think we are paying more attention to this situation than to others. I do not know whether it is because these people are more like us, or because the conflict can directly affect us at the economic level, as well as because of the influx of refugees. Everyone was silent when there was a war in Palestine. The same with Yemen and Iraq… And Russia was suspended from the World Cup for what other countries have been doing for years. Everything that happens seems to me a manifestation of racism. Lives are lost in many conflicts, and we value only those who are close to us, ”Hector said.

Photo: Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti

Comrade Domracheva

One of the best biathletes of today, Daria Domracheva, made a statement on social media. For these words, not only she, but also her husband, the best biathlete of the XXI century Ole-Einar Bjorndalen.

“It’s sad to read the comments of athletes who support such measures, athletes who shook hands, clapped on the shoulder, congratulated each other on the podium, discussed the difficult moments of racing, competed shoulder to shoulder, and today only puts a colleague in the back to throw out of the fight “, – wrote Daria.

Comrade Waterdale

A member of the Norwegian National Olympic Committee, Oyvind Watterdahl, was more radical than the others when he learned that his organization was among those who demanded the removal of Russian athletes from the competition. He quit his job.

“I do not expect that this will lead to anything, I am doing it for my own conscience to stand up for my Russian colleagues so that I can look them in the eye,” said the Norwegian.

Comrade Tosic

Former Manchester United and CSKA Moscow player Zoran Tosic supported the Russian athletes.

“All suspended athletes have the right to compete and rejoice in their victories. Now they are deprived of such an opportunity, and it is very unpleasant. I sympathize with the suffering of Russian athletes who have been removed. I hope that the day will come when everything will pass and sports will be on the pedestal of all human joys and pleasures, and full stadiums will return to life and the faithful support of all who love sports and rejoice in every success, “said Zoran.

Serbian comrades

Russia is generally defended not only by Tosic, but also by the vast majority of Serbs. Serbian fans are constantly organizing actions in support of our country. And the day before, the basketball players of the Belgrade Red Stars refused to take part in the action in support of Ukraine and hold the flag of this country during the match with the Lithuanian Zalgiris. For this, they were obstructed by local fans, who throughout the match chanted insulting anti-Serbian and anti-Russian shouts, shouted fascist slogans from the Second World War and waved the NATO flag.

Photo: Vasily Ponomarev / RIA Novosti

Comrade Masters

Oksana Masters is a champion of the Beijing Paralympics in the United States. She also sided with Russian athletes who were suspended from participating in the Paralympic Games the day before.

“I saw them cry because they really wanted to perform. I would like to live in a world where every single athlete from every single country in the world would have the opportunity to compete not against each other, but together with each other, “- quotes the American” SE “.


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