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Water is the source of life on the earth and a precious resource of the human being. The development and application of technological innovation provide solutions on facing water pollutants monitoring and treatment, water supply system safety, urban water recycling, etc.

FPI’s Water Quality Monitoring Solution

Since its establishment, FPI has always attached importance to its technology research and development ability, continuously enlarging and fulfilling its product line. After years of precipitation, FPI has self-developed a variety of technology platforms. Such as Atomic fluorescence analysis technology, non- dispersive infrared analysis technology, UV-visible full wavelength absorption spectrum technology, enzyme substrate analysis technology, luminescent bacteria method, anodic stripping voltammetry technology, sequential injection technology, intermittent analysis technology, ring injection flow analysis technology, etc.

And the water quality online analyzers developed based on those technology platforms are widely used in the field of surface water, drinking water, groundwater, Marine water, industrial process water, pollution source wastewater monitoring and treatment. For the monitoring requirements on the 14th Five- Year National Surface Water Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (Trial), FPI has comprehensive online water quality monitoring analyzers to meet the needs.

SIA-3000 Series Water Quality Analyzer

The SIA-3000 series is a new generation of miniaturized water quality online analyzers for monitoring the indicators, such as COD, permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, Cr VI, total chromium, copper, nickel, manganese, zinc, etc.

HMA-2000 Series Online Water Heavy Metal Analyzer

HMA-2000 series heavy metal online analyzer adopts the principle of anodic dissolution voltammetry detection, and monitoring factors cover lead, cadmium, zinc, mercury, arsenic, etc. It is suitable for online monitoring of surface water, drinking water, municipal sewage, industrial sewage process water, pollution source wastewater discharge, etc.

WOA-100 Compact Water Quality Analyzer

WOA-100 is designed to be performed in environmental and industry effluent monitoring. It works with multiple high-performance sensors with excellent functionality and high reliability. It provides flexible operation and installation experience to customer, which can be installed by hanging, fixing, extracting or floating. With plug-and-play design, customer can easily maintain and calibrate the analyzer.

If any interests about the above analyzers, please feel free to visit FPI’s official online store: http://online.fpi-inc.com

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