Funny answers to fans from Chonguk from BTS on Instagram

Chonguk from BTS knows how to have fun! Ever since he opened his Instagram account, he has been creating content for fans worthy of news headlines.

One of these was the March 18 questions and answers, when he asked, โ€œWhat would be good for me to do right now?ยป.

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Here are the most entertaining stories on Instagram published Chonguk from questions and answers.

1. Q. What should I do right now?
A. I will go to the college you choose for me, oppa. Just name the college.

Signature: Go where you want! Find your own way! Hehe.

2. Q. What should I do right now?
A. Oppa, when you fell from the sky, weren’t you in pain? T-T

Signature: It hurt a little, but now I’m fine.

3. Q. What should I do right now?
A. Let’s go look for the button Chongukawho ran away from home. Hehe.

Signature: She will have big problems when she returns home.

Earlier this month at a concert at Chonguka the button on his shirt came off.

4. Q. What should I do right now?
A. Play the electric guitar. I want to see this.

Signature: I always wanted to try. Maybe someday I’ll try?

5. Q. What should I do right now?
A: View Business Offer.

Caption: I’ve already seen it all.

6. ะ’. What should I do right now?
A: Boxing with Taehyun-hyun ๐Ÿ’œ
Signature: He is not my opponent

Recently after Chonguk shared his boxing experience on Instagram, you from BTS asked to fight him one on one.

you: Let’s arrange sparring sooner.

Jay-Hope: Will you be okay? Hahahahahaha.

Chonguk: Come on in (and let’s fight).

you: If you use a little of your strength for the hook and move the center of gravity a little more from left to right, everything will be fine.

Chonguk: Anytime, (let’s go)!

you: I use technology Adesanya, so I do not leave the distance. While you’re breathing, I’ll use a foot boom and then hit you in the liver, ha.

Chonguk: Everyone has a plan.

Chonguk he felt no pressure to say he had no chance of losing.

7. Offer hand and heart Shuge?

Q. What should I do right now?
AND: Jungi-I please marry me.
Inscription: Hello, me Jungi?

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