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Since 1945, Gallo Mechanical has developed a reputation for excellence in service and performance. It’s a consistent success that would not be possible without a supportive culture that makes every person feel valued.

“Whether we’re hiring a new executive, plumber or pipefitter, we want them to feel like a part of our family,” said Gallo Mechanical President JP Hymel. “If people love coming to work and doing a great job for our clients, our clients will want to use us again. Our job is to make sure that our team is empowered, and they have the tools needed to be successful.”

It’s a strong culture that has helped Gallo Mechanical continue to meet staffing needs and complete large projects even amid numerous recent challenges. For its success, Gallo Mechanical has been named one of this year’s Top USA Workplace award winners for the second year in a row.

“It’s a really big deal,” Hymel said. “Our focus is all about people, so it means a lot when the whole team can receive recognition.”

Taking care of people became an even bigger priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, all Gallo Mechanical employees received full pay each week, even if they had to miss work because of the virus. On certain occasions, the leadership team arranged for employee-wide meals, provided either in a drive-through setting or a socially distanced outdoor space. Gallo Mechanical employees were also connected to resources such as tutoring, child care, health care and social services.

“You really understand a company’s commitment to their team when they are hit with a catastrophic event,” said Robert Darbonne, President of Gallo Mechanical Services. “We knew that COVID was not our employees’ fault, so we wanted to make sure our people were kept whole. The people who come to us and want to be a part of Gallo companies are interested in stability. They are looking for a company that believes in them and takes care of them like family, and you certainly see that here.”

During and after Hurricane Ida hit last year, Gallo Mechanical also took several steps to support its employees and their families. Caitlin Sevick, Gallo Mechanical’s Human Resources Director, noted that the company made sure all employees were safe, sending out frequent communication updates, and paying everyone in full for the week following the storm regardless of whether or not they were able to work. After the storm, the company provided multiple resources to connect affected employees with our dedicated social work partner, financial assistance, FEMA resources, well-being support and more.

“It really is all about making sure that everyone is cared for, supported and listened to,” Sevick said. “We are focused on creating an employee-centric culture that prioritizes engagement, satisfaction and recognition. If you put your focus on people first , they will do their best work with stronger motivation and a deeper sense of meaning.”

Like most businesses, Gallo Mechanical has been busy recruiting and hiring with over 200 new hires coming onboard in the past year to keep up with demand. With the high volume of hiring needs and new team members, it continues to remain as important as ever for Gallo to identify individuals who embrace their team culture and atmosphere. Travis Matherne, Gallo Mechanical Operations Manager, said he relies heavily on employee referrals and feedback to help him determine if a new employee is the right cultural fit.

“I’m looking for someone who wants to work hard, work safely, has a good attitude and wants to be a part of team success,” Matherne said. “Our employees in the field won’t stand for someone who is lazy and has the wrong attitude, and I value that input. When they are on a job site, it’s a brotherhood. You have to have each other’s back. I’m always talking to them about the job and why their work is important so they understand the value of what we are doing, and I think that means a lot to them.”

That belief in supporting one another comes from senior Gallo Mechanical leadership team members, who can often be found talking with employees out in the field and in the offices collaborating on new ideas and projects. Sevick said that the humility and compassion of our leaders is evident and can be seen in their every day actions.

“Our managers really believe in supporting people, serving as strong coaches and mentors, empowering them to take on new responsibilities and challenges,” Sevick said. “We’re excited to continue to build on this further with new leadership development training. We want our people here to continue to thrive and grow.”

As they do, they will have the direct support and encouragement of Gallo’s leadership team.

“A lot of what we do is in front of our people. It’s important to all of us to be engaged with them daily,” Darbonne said. “It’s important to make sure that everyone knows what matters – taking care of our people, our customers and protecting our brand so that we can continue to be here for years to come.”

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