“Given the incredible Russophobia in Europe, it is difficult to imagine that CSKA will now be able to play in European arenas,” said Andrei Vatutin – Basketball

CSKA President Andrei Vatutin praised the prospects of Russian clubs for the Euroleague and the option of playing on neutral venues.

“Let’s draw some trajectories. At the same time, I am sure that any options for returning to the Euroleague are possible only after peace. Imagine that he came. Does this mean that Russia will immediately be admitted to the European Cups? The probability is close to low.

The great Russian artists Anna Netrebko and Valery Gergiev were deprived of the opportunity to perform on many world stages, let alone basketball.

Given the incredible Russophobia in Europe, it is difficult to imagine that the team bearing the glorious name of the Central Sports Club of the Army, the best Russian club with a huge, almost a century of history, will now be able to play in European arenas. This is a direct challenge to the current mood, a problem for the organizers and an additional burden on the host.

The second hypothesis is that we will not be excluded, but we will be allowed to play on neutral venues. The question immediately arises: is it necessary? What is the point if the CSKA team starts holding home matches in conditional Belgrade or Athens?

In Soviet times, our clubs played for some time in neutral arenas against Maccabi, but it’s only one or two games a season, and constantly – for what? Sacrifice the interests of your fans in order to maintain a permanent place in the Euroleague? I’m not sure that’s right. At the very least, the subject of discussion with the club owner and his Board.

It is important to note that CSKA is a shareholder in the Euroleague, for us it is important not only the political component of the future decision, but also all other aspects of it that will protect our interests as one of the owners of the competition.

There are not so many neutral sites, we still need to understand how to get to them. Almost all international flights have been canceled, flights of Russian liners over Europe are impossible, tickets to Istanbul and Belgrade have been sold out.

Logistics looks extremely difficult, not to mention cross-border payments. We fulfill, for example, club obligations to players and coaches, but our legionnaires now have difficulty transferring funds abroad. And this is a common problem for playing sports, “said Vatutin.

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