Glushakov’s goal brought Khimki victory in friendly match with Lokomotiv

On March 27, Lokomotiv played a friendly match against Khimki. The meeting was held behind closed doors and ended with the victory of the Moscow team with a score of 1: 0. The only goal was scored in the first half from the penalty spot.

In the starting lineup of the “railways” on the field came: Guillermo (captain), Nenakhov, Edvai, Black, Tiknizyan, Beka Beka, Karpukas, Kirk, Petrov, Rybchinsky, Khlynov. Savin, Mampassi, Zhivoglyadov, Belikov, I. Kotelnikov, Borisenko, M. Pershin, Eliseenko and Isidor remained on the bench.

It is worth noting, first of all, the long-awaited return to service of our captain – Marinato Guillermo, as well as the appearance in the starting lineup of young players – Artyom Karpukas and Nikita Khlynov. For them, these are the first minutes for the base, even in an unofficial match.

“Locomotive” played in white uniform, “Khimki” – in yellow T-shirts and black shorts.

At the beginning of the meeting, both teams acted quite cheerfully – the snowy and cold March weather made itself felt. But the first 20 minutes were mostly left for the players of our team – there were many attacks, but it did not reach a dangerous moment.

And Khimki opened the scoring after one of their first sharp approaches. In the 26th minute, the referee put a penalty in the gate of the “railroad”. Glushakov went to execute the shot and was accurate – Guillermo guessed the direction, but the Khimki midfielder scored exactly in the corner, 1: 0.

In the 38th minute, instead of Edvai, Mampassi appeared on the field – a substitution by position. Ting often joined the attacks and worked hard in defense.

Then the game calmed down a bit – the teams did not score more goals in the first half, although the “railroaders” were closer to equalizing the score.

During the break, the coaching staff of our team made two changes: instead of Khlynov and Kerk, Izidor and Borisenko came on the field.

At the beginning of the second half of the match, Lokomotiv looked better again, attacked more and played number one. A little later, the main action moved to the middle of the field.

It is worth noting that according to the agreement between the teams, only 35 minutes were allotted for the second half instead of the classic 45. And during this short period of time, a small number of spectators did not see the goals. The result is 0: 1, with a minimal score we lose to Khimki in a friendly match, despite the impressive game advantage.

Friendly match

Khimki – Lokomotiv – 1: 0 (1: 0)

Naked: Glushakov, 26 – penalties (1: 0).

«Locomotive»: Guillermo, Nenakhov, Edvai (Mampassi, 38), Cherny, Tiknizyan, Beka Beka, Karpukas, Kirk (Borisenko, 46), Petrov, Rybchinsky, Khlynov (Isidor, 46).


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