Guanyu Zhou earned points in his debut race

Guanyu Zhou became the first Chinese driver to start the Formula 1 race. The Alfa Romeo driver confidently held his debut Bahrain Grand Prix and earned one point for finishing in tenth place.

His experienced partner Valtteri Bottas performed even better on the Sahir track. As part of a new team, the Finn finished sixth. Thanks to these results, Alfa Romeo ranks fourth in the Constructors’ Cup with nine points.

Frederick Wasser, team leader: “Finishing with two cars in the first race is the perfect start to the season. The team showed skill and perseverance, winning back after a bad start. We followed the plan and won back the position, which is encouraging, because it speaks of the competitiveness of the car.

We understand that a long season is ahead and the opponents will challenge us next week, but a good result in the first race will give impetus to the whole team.

I am very happy for Valtteri and for Zhou. This result in the first race is the best way to start cooperation. We will strive to develop the result and continue to modernize the car to continue to fight at this level. “

Valtteri Bottas (6th): “I am very pleased with today’s result. I am happy not only for myself, but also for the team and for Zhou, who finished in points in the first race.

The race went well, except for the start – I had a strong slippage of the wheels, so I was overtaken by everyone, and I was thinking about how to avoid a collision. However, when the situation stabilized, I showed a good pace. We didn’t give up, we developed a really good strategy and won back.

I progressed circle after circle, because I knew that the car allows you to count on the top ten. Great start to the season, but there are areas where you need to add, but it is quite natural for the first race.

Our priority was reliability, and I am glad that we not only finished with two cars, but also demonstrated speed. Everyone has done a great job, and we are moving in the right direction. “

Guanyu Zhou (10th): “I am so glad that I have no words. I experienced a lot of emotions, but my first thought was about the team: it’s just incredible that thanks to hard work we achieved this result, taking into account our position at the end of last season.

My biggest dream was to get into Formula 1 and then earn points – today I did both. The fact that I started at the start along with nineteen other riders is crazy enough in itself, but the race turned out to be difficult. Not so much from a physical point of view as from a psychological one.

At the start, I had problems – in the first turn, the mode turned on, not allowing the engine to stall, and then I realized that I had to do something special to return to the top ten. I attacked hard, caught up with Valtteri, lost my position when a safety car drove onto the track, and then returned to the top ten – a kind of roller coaster!

I did everything I could – the result means a lot to me and to everyone who supported me. The circle of returning to the pits turned out to be quite emotional. I am so proud of the team and my teammate – we worked together to get this award. I will never forget this day and enjoy the moment for a while, but then I will turn my attention to preparing for the stage in Jeddah: we want to achieve much more. “


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