Gunther Steiner: New products are sometimes overestimated

Gunther Steiner warned against inflated expectations associated with the process of refining the car, noting that the importance of technical innovations can sometimes be overestimated, and their effectiveness has yet to be confirmed on the track.

“We will prepare novelties. Fans like it when they hear that we are going to introduce new products, but when you try to increase the downforce by one, two or three points, the new elements designed for this look different, but how effective are they? – said the head of Haas F1. – If the aerodynamics department is given permission, they will prepare million-dollar updates for each Grand Prix in order to minimize the pressure.

In conditions of limited budgets, this process must be clearly controlled. I do not want to say that there are no effective novelties, but I think that their quality is sometimes somewhat overestimated.

This year I want the team to work calmly, I will deliberately achieve this, but not because we have no money. I want to be able to say about any set of updates: it allows you to increase the downforce by so many points, we can accurately measure it and make sure that the balance of the machine will not change. Then we will implement such a complex.

We can’t say that “we need new products on the left, on the right and in the center of the car.” Let’s really study this chassis, understand its features and try to fully unleash its potential. Now the most noticeable improvements can be achieved by working with the settings. In the tests, we did not drive enough kilometers and will gradually increase over the course of the season.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have good settings, but I think we could do more with the car if we had more time. “

Kevin Magnussen finished fifth in the Bahrain Grand Prix, ninth in Saudi Arabia, and his closest rivals, Alpine F1 and Alfa Romeo, were slightly faster.

But Steiner hopes the team will show better results when the car gets the most out of it: “Kevin hasn’t driven a Formula One car for a year, never ridden in Jeddah, missed Friday’s practice and did a good lap in qualifying. He couldn’t do more because of his neck. But in the course of the race he said that the car does everything he wants from it. It is clear that there is always something to work on, but he assures that the VF-22 is nice to drive, that it is really competitive.

So now you need to work well on all days of the weekend, find the right settings and use them as efficiently as possible. If all this works out, then, in my opinion, we have a chance to be ahead of other teams in the middle group. “


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