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Olympic champion, three-time world champion in high jump Maria Lasickene and forty-three other Russian athletes who received neutral status, wrote a letter to the interim head of the All-Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA) Irina Privalova.

The text of the message was published in the media after the decision of World Athletics on March 1, 2022 to ban Russian athletes from participating in any international competitions even in neutral status:

“We urge WA to act within the framework of the charter, eliminating bias and any political involvement in decision-making. If until March 18, 2022 WFLA will not be guaranteed admission to performances during the summer international season of athletes with current ANA status (neutral status – ed.), We ask the WFLA to suspend the recovery process (any payments, work of international experts and contacts with the working group) and apply to the International Court of Justice CAS) to protect the rights of the federation and Russian athletes. “

We will remind, in November, 2015 VFLA temporarily deprived of membership in World Athletics due to the doping scandal. Since then, the Russian national team has not been at the biggest starts. Only neutral athletes.

The recovery process has dragged on for years. The WFLA issued a huge bill of $ 6.31 million, repaid in August 2020 by the STATE through the Ministry of Sports and OCD.

However, the international federation continues to rake money from the WFLA budget. It’s about $ 500,000 every three months. The funds, as noted with a smile by international sports officials, allegedly go to road map execution to restore the rights of our long-suffering athletics.

And here for the third-fourth quarters of 2021 the debt was formed. March 10, head of a special foreign group to revive the WFLA from the ashes Rune Andersen ultimately stated that if the debt is not repaid, the Russian side will face “another flogging in the stable.”

There is a desire to ask here: how and what else can humiliate our disenfranchised athletes, will they really start beating?

I hasten to reassure sports fans, the execution is temporarily postponed, because on Friday, March 18, the WFLA humbly and enthusiastically submissive “Repaid the debt for the third quarter of last year.”

“Everything is being done, to close the debts for the fourth quarter as soon as possible “, – Irina Privalova reported in Monaco.

Sebastian Coe: I see the bill. Illustration: “SE”

Executioner of Russian athletics, champion of the Moscow Olympics Sebastian Coe can be satisfied. But its nukers are already sprouting and hinting at the fourth quarter of last year and the first – this year.

Ex-world champion Sergey Shubenkovwho ran through all the circles of neutral hell, reacted to the news of another humiliation of Russians:

“I have only one thought in this regard: we are now removed from the World Athletics competition, and the money for the process of recovery of the WFLA continues to take. The question is – for what? If you don’t let us compete, so be consistent. “

Dear Serezha, yes, and in this story everything is consistent: some people kneel down and send money, and others, with a gentleman’s pat on the neutral and disenfranchised shoulder, receive it.

Meanwhile, yesterday, March 20, the World Indoor Athletics Championships ended in Serbia. It is clear that we were not even close. They did not allow a cannon shot.

But an athlete from KOSOVO performed in BELGRADE. Runners Gresa Bakraki. She has a T-shirt in national colors, with the inscription, as expected, KOS.

Gresa Bakraki: I am from Kosovo. Illustration: “SE”

And the Kosovo representatives were rightly outraged: why didn’t the organizers hang the flag of their small but proud state. Gradually, the organizers “smeared”, they say, for security reasons, this incident took place.

And at the Olympics in Tokyo, the Kosovo anthem was sung in honor of the victory of the judoka Distriand Krasniki. And the flag rose.

But on the occasion of the triumph of the Russian Maria Lasickene a piece of Tchaikovsky’s First Concerto was played in the Japanese capital and a white OCR banner was waving on the flagpole. Feel the difference? About…

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