Hamilton: The behavior of the car was very unstable

Qualification for Mercedes took place in a rather unusual scenario: problems with the balance of the car prevented Lewis Hamilton to pass even in the second session – he showed only the 16th result. George Russell’s situation was better, and in the end he will start from the 6th position in the race.

George Russell (6th): “We are a united team, and the day was unsuccessful for our team. We are not yet able to fully understand the car, W13 does not have a stable behavior on the track, and we have to make a lot of effort to find the optimal settings, the range of which is very narrow.

In our half of the boxes, we were able to achieve this, although I do not understand at all, how and at what cost. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Lewis’ car. When this happens on a difficult track like this, you just don’t have confidence in the car, you can’t attack at the limit.

But our team is not participating in the championship to fight for the 5th or 6th position, we do not have enough. We lost nine tenths to pole owner Sergio Perez, so we have something to work on.

We know what our problems are about, and everyone on the team works day and night to solve them. We will succeed, I have no doubt, but we must be patient. I must also say thank you that despite such a serious problem, our car is still third in speed, and it inspires optimism.

Therefore, when we solve all the problems, our affairs must be settled. “

Lewis Hamilton (16th): “I hope Mick Schumacher was not injured, because in that turn the speed reaches 270 km / h, and it was awful to see what happened to him. This is the most serious accident we have seen on this track.

Speaking of my situation, today I had serious problems with balance, the rear of the car was behaving nervously, and we could not achieve what we wanted. Working with the settings, we chose the wrong direction, and today I just did not feel the car.

This is strange, because in the third training session I was quite comfortable behind the wheel, but in the qualification there were unexpected difficulties, the car became very unstable.

The team makes every effort and tries to maintain a positive attitude. Tomorrow I will do everything possible, and there we will see what we can achieve. “

Toto Wolffteam leader: “This is the second race of the season, and it has been reaffirmed that we are lagging behind and not in the right positions.

In the case of Lewis, we conducted an experiment with the settings, but it only got worse, and because of this, the rear wheels of his car did not hold the track, and it was impossible to fly normally.

As for George, he did well today, considering that in the final session we had only one set of soft rubber. However, today we are in an uncertain situation between Red Bull and Alpine cars, and for us it is clearly unacceptable.


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