He could have died in the Admiral Nakhimov and lost his leg in an accident. Death that haunted Vladimir Vinokur

The first public mention of Vladimir Vinokur appeared on March 31, 1948: local newspapers wrote that a boy-hero was born in Kursk in the family of a builder and a Russian language teacher. Until adolescence, the child was silent and shy, but by the age of 14 he literally blossomed and became the soul of the company, obviously realizing his purpose.

It can be said that the artist’s life turned upside down 60 years ago, when in the Artek camp the young man became a laureate of an international music competition and received a gold medal from Yuri Gagarin. Since then, Vladimir has dreamed of a career as a vocalist, but due to a broken voice he was forced to pause. At the same time, the father insisted that the heir continue the dynasty of builders, and as a result Vinokur entered the assembly school.

Why did the builder from Vladimir Natanovich still fail, and the singing talent was complemented by the skill of parody? March 31 marks the 74th anniversary of the artist, and we talk about his career and personal life.

Full house

Music from Vinokur’s life did not go away, so in the last year of study at the technical school the student made an attempt to enter GITIS. Three vocal rounds were a resounding success, but without documents on the completion of secondary education, further participation in the competition was impossible. Then Vladimir was drafted into the army, where he served in a song and dance ensemble, after which the Institute of Theater Arts finally surrendered to our hero.

Four years later, Vinokur met Yuri Nikulin and began performing in the circus on Tsvetny Boulevard. Then Georgy Ansimov invited Vladimir Natanovich to the Moscow Operetta Theater, and in the mid-70’s the artist got into VIA “Gems” and began to make the first parodies of famous stars.

In 1977, Leonid Yakubovich wrote for Vinokur a number “On Sergeant Kovalchuk.” With him, Vladimir Natanovich became the winner of the All-Russian competition of pop artists, after which he began to actively tour the USSR and European countries. Later, the humorist was remembered by the audience as a duet with Lev Leshchenko, roles in comedies and, of course, participation in “Full House”.

Since Vladimir Natanovich participated in most of Regina Dubovitskaya’s programs, viewers and even some correspondents got the impression that they were a couple. So, once a journalist asked the presenter why her husband changes his hairstyle so often, obviously referring to Vinokur, and not his real husband, Yuri Aivazyan. Gossip about the novel was repeatedly refuted by colleagues, emphasizing that they had a real friendship, but nothing more. In addition, Dubovitskaya called the humorist her mascot and colleague. Well, the parodist, in turn, always responded harshly to haters who criticized “Full house”.

“I would never change the format of this program in the place of Regina Dubovitskaya. They say modern humor should keep up with Comedy… It won’t work! Bullshit is complete. You have to do what you do. The viewer will already decide: to sit at the TV or not. Television is engaged in self-destruction. “Full house” has appeared, Evgeny Vaganovich has his own program, Lena Vorobey is also leading her own. And the funny thing is that the artists are the same. Why? There are none. Deficit, ”said the artist on the YouTube show” Manuchi’s Empathy “.

Vinokur’s field of activity was not limited to one “sold-out”. In the late 80’s, the comedian created his own “Theater of Parodies of Vladimir Vinokur”, but in the zeros contributed to the organization in Moscow of the program “Stars of Ballet of the XXI century.” This was, of course, connected with the profession with which the fate of Vladimir Natanovich’s wife and daughter was connected.

Love story

Vladimir Vinokur met his only love when he was an intern at the Moscow Operetta Theater. Ballerina Tamara Pervakova danced with the artist in one performance. “She played a clockwork doll. I looked once, twice… And began to care. Tamarochka talked to me about “you”. Well, I was “elderly”, 25 years old, and Tamarka was 19. I invited her to a hostel for a date, turned on the music, “- said the comedian in the program” The Fate of Man “channel” Russia 1 “.

On the first date, Vinokur fucked up: first he offered the girl wine, but it turned out she didn’t drink, then he invited her to a dance and “became impudent.” Tamara stopped and said she would go home. Vladimir Natanovich realized that he was misbehaving with a decent and modest ballerina, and hurried to correct himself. As it turned out later, Pervakova forgave the man a mistake.

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The fact is that the distribution to the theater troupe took into account the presence of a Moscow residence permit. Tamara knew about it, so she talked to her mother and offered the suitor to sign fictitiously so that he could get a job. “I replied, ‘Why fictitious?’ I will not always be an intern, I will become not poor and famous. ” I call my dad, mom, we go, I fall to my knees in front of my mother-in-law, and as a result Tamarochka and I got married, ”Vinokur shared.

Vladimir Natanovich repeatedly said how lucky he was with his wife. “Tamara is a wise woman, she never interfered in my creative work, she could only advise, clarify under the question mark. She accepted ideas more often because she is a very experienced person: she graduated from the Bolshoi Theater School and worked at the Stanislavsky Theater, ”the humorist noted.

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Ballet classes undermined Tamara Viktorovna’s health, so for several years the couple could not become parents. Daughter Nastya was born when Pervakova was almost 32 and Vinokuru was 37. Later, Anastasia followed in her mother’s footsteps: she graduated from the Academy of Choreography and became a soloist at the Bolshoi Theater.

A wonderful salvation

Several times Vladimir Natanovich was on the verge of death. In 1986, together with Leshchenko, the artist was invited on a cruise on the steamer “Admiral Nakhimov”. Lev Valerianovich refused immediately, as he had a big concert planned for the next day, but Vladimir Natanovich did not want to rest without a friend. Thus, the humorist escaped death, because the liner crashed in a monstrous crash, collided with a bulk carrier, and took to the bottom of life 423 people.

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The next time Vinokur was in mortal danger was in 1992, when he was involved in an accident. “My friend, the chief of the House of Officers and an escort from the ministry together with the driver, who sped up on the highway, on January 26.… There was a frozen, glass road, the car lost control. Oaks, trees everywhere, I sat in the back. I was torn apart like a tobacco chicken, ”the humorist compared.

The artist landed in intensive care, and since his legs were terribly broken, doctors wanted to amputate his left limb. Fortunately, Vinokura was visited by Iosif Kobzon and persuaded by military doctors to seek treatment. After a long course of rehabilitation, Vladimir Natanovich literally got to his feet. “I learned to sit, get up, ride in a wheelchair in a new way,” said the humorist.

Care of loved ones

The artist's mother lived to be 96 years old

The artist’s mother lived to be 96 years old

Three years later, the actor’s father died of a stroke: the man suffered from heart failure, and only Vinokur’s mother prolonged his life, forcing him to fight disease. The next loss for the family was the departure of Vladimir Natanovich’s brother, Boris.

“He had both diabetes and kidney failure. He fought, well done. He fought to the last. Borya lived a very bright human life, necessary. He was the soul of the company, “the artist emphasized.

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Anna Yulevna Vinokur gave up badly after the death of her husband and son, but continued to live for Vladimir Natanovich, Nastya’s granddaughter, and then great-grandson – Fedya was born in 2015. The humorist housed his mother in a house next to him and went to see her every morning. The connection, which seemed indestructible and eternal, was broken in 2018.

“My mother left at night, dying in my arms. She then said: “Son, do not be very sad, do not go to the cemetery often, do not worry. We will all guard you, we will watch, “the humorist recalled.

His wife and daughter helped the artist to withstand all these tests. At the same time, Vinokur was critical of himself as a father: because of touring, he rarely showed up at home, which means he missed a lot from Anastasia’s childhood. Vladimir Natanovich managed to make up for lost time when Fedya’s grandson was born: the number of concerts decreased, so the star’s grandfather could watch the boy grow up.

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The work, however, has become less, in part due to problems related to the pandemic. “January and February are completely empty, in December there were no New Year’s corporate parties,” Vinokur said at the beginning of the year. However, with the abolition of QR-codes, the situation has improved: since March, Vladimir Natanovich’s tour has resumed.

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