“He is the victim of many delusions”

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted a number of factual mistakes made by Biden during his speech, and suggested that US presidential aides do not tell him about the real situation.

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The Kremlin was shocked by Biden’s speech and called him a “victim of delusion” after words that Putin could not stay in power.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, told RBC: “We do not know what President Biden meant, but what he said shows that he is the victim of many misconceptions.”

“When Biden talks about isolating Russia, he does not understand that peace is not limited to the United States and most of Europe. When he says that the dollar is already worth 200 rubles, he does not know that it is less than a hundred – “obviously his assistants do not tell him about the real situation.”

On the eve of Biden’s visit to Warsaw, he delivered a long speech on Russia’s military action in Ukraine and quoted the Russian president as saying, “For God’s sake, this man cannot stay in power after that.”

A White House spokesman later explained that “Biden did not call for a change of government in Russia, but made it clear that Putin should not be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors.” Next, US Secretary of State Blinken assured that the United States does not have any strategy aimed at changing power in Russia.

In his speech, Biden said that Ukraine is now at the forefront of the struggle between autocracy and democracy and the struggle will be long. He assured that the United States and NATO had sent troops to Europe solely for defense purposes, but advised Russia not to “even think an inch” into the alliance’s territory.

Here is an excerpt from the US president’s speech:

“NATO is defending democracy, it has never wanted or threatened Russia. In the run-up to this crisis, the United States and NATO have been cooperating with Russia for many months. We have offered truly diplomatic means of resolving this problem, concrete means of strengthening European security, of strengthening trust on all sides. But Putin and Russia have tried to develop each of these proposals for their own ends. Russia has been prone to violence from the beginning, and many did not believe us when we said that they would cross the border, that they would invade Ukraine. We kept saying that. They kept saying: no, we are not interested in war, we guarantee that we will not cross the border, we will not invade Ukraine. It has been repeatedly said that Russian troops along the border are only for exercises. All these 180 thousand. There is no excuse, nothing provoked this action of Russia, the choice in favor of war. This directly threatens the world order that has existed since the Second World War. “

At a meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Poland, when asked what he thought of Putin, Biden said: “He is a butcher.” The Kremlin has reacted in such a way that such insults to the Russian president “narrow the window of opportunity” for the establishment of relations between Russia and the United States.

However, despite the current situation, Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreev believes that the rupture of diplomatic relations between the two countries “will not happen.” But the Russian embassy in Warsaw may be temporarily closed. According to the ambassador, if Russia is forced to close the embassy in Poland, the Polish embassy in Moscow will also be closed.

All these statements Business FM discussed with political scientist Georgy Bovt:

– We talked to you yesterday, when there was no reaction from Moscow, and here it is. How can this reaction be assessed in general?

– The reaction, I think, is extremely restrained. It is sustained in diplomatic terms, although Biden’s vocabulary has already crossed the boundaries of diplomatic expressions. Nevertheless, Moscow reacts in this way – although it narrows the possibility of further contacts, it is as if it sees these opportunities. I think that a sharper reaction from Moscow to such insulting statements may follow. However, Biden did not apologize, and no matter how much the White House tried to soften his wording, he was in fact calling for a regime overthrow, and such statements by the United States used to allow only countries such as Venezuela, Syria and so on. . Ironically, in the case of Venezuela, the United States is now trying to reach an agreement with the Nicolas Maduro regime on oil supplies to the world market. Previous harsh statements and the president’s acknowledgments of the opposition leader do not prevent them from contacting the Maduro regime to try to undermine Russia’s position in the oil market.

– You said that a sharper reaction may be from Vladimir Putin himself.

– It seems to me that Vladimir Putin is unlikely to fall into a retaliatory fight. The answer can be followed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to indicate a decrease in the level of diplomatic missions, it is possible to imagine the rupture of diplomatic relations. The question has been hanging in the air for some time.

– Will there be windows of opportunities that Moscow seems to be leaving?

– The fact is that there is nothing to talk about yet. What Biden did in Europe, his statements there, and what NATO’s intentions are, suggest that the word “peaceful settlement” does not sound in the context of those statements. Ukraine is invited to continue fighting. It will be supported, refugees will be received, weapons will be sent. It is a question of limiting NATO’s military intervention in this conflict for the time being. Not to supply aircraft to Ukraine, but to supply air defense equipment. Do not send a contingent, but some NATO countries, Poland, are already saying that a peacekeeping contingent should be sent to Ukraine. There is no word for “settlement”.

– We have noticed that on federal channels military actions began to take less time, and more to economy. What can this indicate?

– In itself, hostilities are becoming routine, so to speak. After all, there are no major operations, and, as we assumed with you before, there is a high probability of escalating into a positional war. And positional warfare can be waged for a long time. She went to Donbass for eight years and now continues. Therefore, after taking control of Mariupol as a large settlement, it can be expected that no similar actions will be taken around other settlements. One can assume such an outcome. Then the parties will take up positions and will exchange individual blows.

The Kremlin also commented on Biden’s call for “patience” with the European Union. As Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with RBC, “it is obvious that in this situation he promised to sell liquefied gas and oil to Europeans at double the price. Accordingly, Europeans have a real choice – either to pay in rubles below market prices, on fixed contracts, or to receive “help” at double the price from America. “

CNBC reports that in the near future, Biden plans to introduce a minimum income tax of 20% in the country for households worth more than $ 100 million. According to experts, more than half of the income will go to households worth more than $ 1 billion. It is planned that the new tax will be able to bring about $ 360 billion in ten years.

Former US President Donald Trump said: “You can take the five worst presidents in American history, put them together, and they won’t do as much harm as Joe Biden in just 15 months. He killed the American dream in a year. “

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