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According to the actor, almost the main weapon of his hero – resourcefulness and sense of humor.

About his character named Cortland Gentry, also known as “The Sixth”, Gosling told Empire magazine about the upcoming film. The actor was attracted by the motives of a top-secret CIA agent, because the hero has to work on intelligence against his will. Gentry was recruited when he was in prison, and most of all he just wanted to live a normal life.

First of all, in this character, I liked that he wants what most of us want – to be free. His goal is not money, not treasure, not revenge. He just wants to have the right to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, like all of us.

Ryan Gosling


Apparently, neither Gosling himself, nor the directors of “Gray Man”, the Rousseau brothers, did not want to make the “Sixth” superhero – although he is a professional, but not omnipotent. And in the critical situations in which the protagonist finds himself, the comedic elements of the film will often appear.

We tried to build almost every scene in such a way that it was in a clear win-win situation. Throughout the film, we watch as the hero has to use everything he can get his hands on.

And most often he uses his sense of humor. And uses it to survive. If he manages to find something funny, something absurd in the situation, he will be able to distance himself from how dangerous it is.

Ryan Gosling


The actor noted that he had great pleasure in working on the picture and hopes that the spy action movie will have a sequel. So far, nothing is known about specific plans for the sequel, but Rousseau from the beginning wanted the film to be a starting point for the creation of a major franchise.

“Gray Man” will be released on Netflix on July 22. In addition to Gosling, the main roles in the film were played by Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Reggae-Jean Page.

Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in the first shots of the spy action movie “Gray man »

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One of Netflix’s most expensive films is due out in July.

Ryan Gosling as “The Sixth”

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