Horoscope for April 1: Libra will be envied by Nostradamus, in Aquarius for a day will be Julius Caesar – News of South Sakhalin

Today Aries will experience a real surge of energy and strength. His determination, assertiveness and energy in business can only be envied. However, at the same time, the day inclines him to sharpness and indisputability, and his decisions may not always be well thought out. That is why the stars of the horoscope today advise Aries to measure seven times to avoid mistakes before chopping off the shoulder. Guided by this simple rule, Aries will not lose.

Taurus in business one should be as careful as possible – especially when working with numbers, money, documents and in general in all areas where it can at least theoretically expect a trick. The day inclines Taurus to distraction, which is why there is a high risk of seeing or misunderstanding something. Therefore, the advice to Tauruses is simple: be vigilant, read everything that is written in small print and even between the lines. Otherwise, someone will take advantage of your gullibility and carelessness today.

Today The twins, regardless of their life and professional experience, have a chance to learn something completely new for themselves. This may be due to their work, hobbies or the immediate environment. Well, it’s never too late to study, especially since today’s horoscope is what Gemini is all about. The stars advise them to keep their eyes and ears open to the information coming into them – this will enrich Gemini with new knowledge.

Horoscope stars give Cancer paradoxical advice: do not invest your whole soul in what he does. Even if Cancer is an ardent enthusiast of his business, today it is better for him to work in an automatic “conveyor” mode, approaching the solution of problems from a purely technical point of view. “Don’t complicate things.” – the motto of today. The fact is that any attempt by Cancer to fully engage in work is unlikely to improve anything, but can be confusing. Well, sometimes the simpler the better, and today is just such a day.

Today Lion it will be easy to find common ground with others. Thanks to his awakened sociability, Leo will be able to easily settle matters for which he would otherwise have spent all the gift of his eloquence – and without guaranteeing the result. So don’t waste time, Lions. Tell everyone around you about your ideas, get support – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily, it turns out, the most serious things can move forward.

Today the stars of the horoscope promise Deve a great day to promote and launch any project. Her position is strong and her potential is visible to the naked eye. Having dedicated others to her plan, Virgo will be surprised at how many supporters she will have. If she launches a new project, she will have great prospects. In other words, Virgo today is given a chance to do something that will lay the foundation for her future well-being. So focus on the main thing. No need to waste this day on trifles.

I weigh it will be harder to formulate your thoughts than usual. If you suddenly need to set them out on paper, Nostradamus himself will envy the vagueness of Libra’s phrases. But they will be able to do everything that needs to be done with the hands, not the head. So horoscope stars today advise Libra figuratively or even literally to roll up their sleeves. Do what you can do “on the machine” or do physical work. Believe me, it’s not so scary, and sometimes it is useful.

Almost in the morning Scorpio waiting for the emergency. He should be prepared for the fact that during the day he will not be able to sit idly by for a minute. The main thing is that Scorpio in a panic does not start grabbing all the things at once. In order not to waste energy, the stars of the horoscope advise Scorpio to act quickly, but without fuss. Still, his energy is not enough to cover all the embrasures with his chest at once.

Today is the key to success in business Sagittarius will be his ability to take for himself what is rightfully his. Do not expect that someone will suddenly notice his merits or go to meet: this is a utopia. Today is the day of those who remind of themselves, show perseverance, stand above the soul, that is, act. It may seem to someone around you that Sagittarius acts mainly on his nerves – well, why not? But today Sagittarius will not miss his, and his projects certainly will not go unnoticed.

Capricorn waiting for the day, which is usually said: “The case is disputed.” He will be in a state of harmony and balance, in which almost any task can be solved without effort. It may seem to those around you that Capricorn is not making any effort at all, but in reality he is just able to organize his time well today: Capricorn will set aside minor matters and solve important ones during the day.

Today Aquarius will be like Julius Caesar, who brilliantly managed to do several things at once. The day endows Aquarius with such qualities as energy, sharp mind and, most importantly, speed – thanks to them, he is able to break all records today. Surrounding people can only envy: today, even if Aquarius undertakes three tasks at once, he will be able to get a great result.

Today at Fish will have an amazing ability to feel potential and profit where others see no prospects. Thanks to their instincts, they are able to turn even hopeless, running projects to their advantage. Horoscope stars advise Pisces today to use this talent to gracefully “settle” the most difficult issues. Well, then with every right to enjoy the amazement on the faces of others.

Source: D. and N. Winter for * 1001 horoscope *


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