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The beginning of the month is marked by the New Moon in Aries, and in general, the Aries energy will be manifested quite brightly this month, especially in the first decade. What is undoubtedly important is that this energy will be very positive.

Therefore, it is a great time for new endeavors, for the development of their own ideas and their implementation. Any active activity can be successful. It is time to focus on your ideas and plans, without looking back at others, and boldly implement and promote these ideas.

Starting from April 5, the atmosphere can change in the direction of emotions and sensitivity. This is a good time for emotional communication with loved ones and partners, charity and charity. But you should avoid fleeting romances or easy relationships – they can affect you quite a lot, even if at first you do not think so.

Pluto will be quite active from the middle of the month and intensifying towards the end. The safest during this period will be to restrain your natural impulses, especially in business or business matters. But the risk can also be justified, but the risk is bold enough, in which you need to have the courage to risk everything. But I would recommend during this period to calculate all the risks and focus primarily on personal astrological forecast.

Perhaps the last days of the month will be the busiest, namely from the 27th. It is from this day that the approaching Eclipse Corridor, which will begin on April 30, will be most actively felt.

During this period it is necessary to be especially careful, to avoid hasty decisions and actions, not to risk, especially health and life. The most correct thing is to spend the end of the month in a calm atmosphere, trying not to waste neither physical nor moral energy.

The corridor of eclipses will last until May 16. This is a very important, tense and long-lasting period, so there will be a separate article on this topic.

Here is a brief forecast for each sign of the Zodiac. If you know your Ascendant (Ascending Sign), in addition to the sun sign, you can also look at the forecast for the Ascendant sign.

Aries conflicts should be avoided and the law should not be broken, even in small things – both can have serious consequences. The month is not easy for you, so be patient and remember that all difficulties are temporary.

Periods of conflict and loss of interest are also possible in personal life, but it is also temporary, so do not make hasty decisions.

Tauruses may become more sensitive and vulnerable this month. This is a great time for dating and romantic relationships, but it is important to remain objective and not idealize your partner.

Also in April, try to listen especially to yourself and your feelings, it will help to better understand yourself and the people around you.

Gemini an interesting and changeable April awaits. The first half of the month your activity increases and if you direct it to active work, it can bring good results. But it is better to minimize negotiations and contacts, in this area your activity can only harm you.

From the middle of the month it is better to switch to new acquaintances, romantic or friendly meetings.

Cancer will be full of energy and, as a consequence, April will be a very productive month, namely the first and last decade. Take the initiative and show yourself.

But in the second decade it is better to switch to routine work, which does not require communication and emotional inclusion, otherwise there is a risk of conflict, misunderstanding and nervous tension.

To the lions it is especially important to show diplomacy, especially from the second half of the month. If you are too assertive, be prepared to get a tough enough rebuff. Therefore, if in the first half of the month it is worth focusing on current work, then with the second most correct it will be to return to unfinished business, to show seriousness and concentration.

Devam in the first decade a clear plan for the month should be drawn up, and from the second decade it should be actively implemented. A great time also for performances or socializing with a large number of people.

In the third decade, listen to your intuition, it will help you find the right solution in all areas of life.

I weigh in early April, you can safely implement your boldest ideas. You should not plan and think, get to work right away. But from the middle of the month the activity will fade and there will be a very favorable period for intellectual activity. Any research work can bring significant results. The main thing is to have time to rest and spend more time in nature, otherwise intense mental work can lead to nervous and physical exhaustion.

Scorpios a busy month is ahead. Until mid-April, it is useful to engage in repair or construction work, and from the middle of the month show initiative and leadership skills – it will be appreciated. The main thing is not to bend the stick and do not come into conflict with superiors. The end of the month can be marked by the improvement of love relationships.

Sagittarians it is important to engage in self-discipline and planning this month so as not to get confused by the hustle and bustle of work. Try to set priorities, otherwise you risk doing many things at once, and in the end do not do any completely.
The beginning of the month is favorable for registration or registration of documents, the end of the month is favorable for romance, which will have a beneficial effect on your relationship.

Capricorn it is important to show gentleness, pay attention to loved ones, otherwise there is a risk of resentment on their part.

In the second half of the month, feel free to rely on your intuition, it will help you. This is especially true of work issues. But at the end of the month be more silent, there is a possibility of extra words said, for which you will have to answer.

Aquarius waiting for the emotional month. In order not to commit reckless actions that you may regret, direct these emotions into creativity and development. A sport aimed at relaxation will be especially relevant for you.

Do not believe the information that will come to you from the middle of the month, there is a risk of deception. But the end of the month is favorable for romantic acquaintances, they may well grow into something bigger.

Fish this month is especially useful for any kind of communication, it will broaden your horizons and can open information that will be useful to you in the future.
In April, you may have the opportunity to increase or strengthen your financial position. At the end of the month, try to remain impartial, there is a risk that your hypersensitivity may cause you difficulties.

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