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Viewers fell in love with the actress from the films “Lonely is given a hostel” and “Intergirl”

Actress Tatiana Agafonova received all-Union love after the release of the comedy “Lonely is given a hostel.” A few years later, starring in the sensational film “Intergirl”, she became a real star of the screen. However, suddenly at the peak of her fame she left the profession. In 1998 she moved to the Tver region. She was the chairman of the Avangard collective farm in the village of Zalazino, Likhoslavl district.

Tatiana Agafonova was born on October 8, 1963 in Moscow. When the girl was only nine months old, her parents died in an accident. Agafon’s grandmother raised her. After school she entered medical school, but two months later she was admitted to the studio school of the Moscow Art Academy. She graduated in theater in 1985.

In the movie “Intergirl” (right).


Tatiana Agafonova was active in film in the 1980s. She became famous for her first role in the 1983 film The Lonely House is Given.

And in 1989, “Intergirl” appeared on the screens, thundering throughout the USSR. “It was a very interesting job. I remember how we went on a tour with a picture, and do not believe how naive our people are. I was often approached and asked: “Are you really a prostitute”? I was uncomfortable with any suggestions and assumptions of this kind, so I tried to distance myself from them. ” – Tatyana Ivanovna admitted on the air of the program “The Fate of Man”.

She starred in the 1990 drama Women’s Day and The Route of Mercy.

In the movie “Lonely is given a hostel.”

She has acted in films: “Incredible bet, or True incident that ended successfully a hundred years ago”, “Special occasion”, “Red honest lover”, “Will”, “Don’t go, girls, get married”, “On the main street with the orchestra” , “Forgotten melody for flute”, “Special occasion”, “Jerusalem artichokes”, “Lawlessness”, “Process”, “Women’s day”, “It’s not scary to die”, “Alaska Kid”, “Petersburg secrets”, “Life secrets and unusual” The Adventures of Soldier Ivan Chonkin “,” Unraveling the Mysteries of St. Petersburg “,” Truckers “,” Pan or Missing “,” Petya the Magnificent “,” Mines in the Fairway “,” Dirty Work “,” Big Oil “,” Big Oil “,” House of the Sun “, New Year’s matchmakers “,” Life and adventures of the Japanese Bear “,” While the fern blooms “,” Travelers “,” Upside down “,” Lonely hearts “,” Stranger among their own “,” Paradise knows “,” Points of support “,” Shuttles ” , “Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dream “,” Ghosts of Zamoskvorechye “.

The actress left the movie suddenly, at the peak of fame. I was offered to act in some militants, where it was necessary to kill babies… But the worst thing was the offer to play in a TV series, where the gambling club “relaxes” new Russians… All the bandits had to be on my ass, sorry, play in cards. That is, I had to stand naked in a nude position, and they had to cut themselves into a fool, swearing. As I read the script, I muttered, “Mom, dear, what’s going on with people?” Or did they decide after “Intergirls” that I was capable of anything? “ – shared the actress.

In the series “Shuttles”.

Personal life

Tatiana Agafonova never arranged her female destiny. She always liked strong men of high stature, but she could not meet such a star. The actress has no children.

Frame from the transfer.

After the death of her beloved grandmother, Agafonova buried her in her homeland in the Tver region, as she had requested. And then suddenly the star of the screen received an offer to head the collective farm “Vanguard”. The actress agreed. At age 43, she suffered a stroke. She lost 50 kg. “There was left paresis, I was recovering later, thank God, the acting profession and medical understanding helped. I got back on my feet a year later “– the actress admitted to Boris Korchevnikov.

Tatiana Agafonova now

Tatiana Agafonova created her own production center “Three Capitals” in 2007, is the general director of the festival “Literature and Cinema”, which is held in Gatchina. The actress continues to act, calling despondency a grave sin. “I do not live in a monastery. She did not renounce the worldly. I’ll have to drink vodka – I’ll drink, and why not, if I’m high, “she says.

Frame from the transfer.

She lives in the village of Zalazino, she brings water from the well into the house. “I try to live on my own farm, I grow everything myself. Actually, the garden saved me in the 90’s. It was very hard then. I do not hesitate to say that sometimes I had nothing to eat. In the 90’s it was possible to go to the panel, so the situation seemed hopeless. There is no money, but free time is full. But, of course, I didn’t want to get to that point. “– Agafonova told on air of the show “Hello, Andrey”.

Main photo: “Lonely hostel is provided.”


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