How did the fate of the actors from the series “Brigade”

The whole country followed the story of four friends who went a long way in the 90’s from school friendship to joint “work” in a bloody organized crime group.

To many viewers, the heroes, people in general are not the best, seemed damn charming – the Russians began to imitate Sasha White, Cosmos, Phil and Bee, playing bandits in life, for which later the actors in the series hated “Brigade”. And yet this film, no matter how you treat it, played a crucial role in the fate of its main stars.

Sergey Bezrukov (Sasha Bely)

Sergey Bezrukov. Photo: social networks

The talented theatrical actor, a student of Oleg Tabakov, who played Mozart and voiced the characters of the show “Dolls”, suddenly acted as the leader of the gang Alexander Belov, nicknamed White.

A charismatic, aggressive “foreman” in a leather cloak terrified competitors. According to the plot, he is the only one who survives after a quartet of friends betrays the “exiled Cossack”, bodyguard Max.

Bezrukov played Esenin, Vysotsky, Pushkin, Godunov, and still the shadow of Sasha Bely stretches for the People’s Artist of Russia to this day. Even now, when Sergei Vitalyevich is in charge of the Moscow Provincial Theater, he continues to be asked about the same role. “It’s disgusting: I’m 47 years old, and I’ll still be Sasha White? – the actor was indignant a year ago. – I played “godfather” Sasha White at 27. I was younger than all the performers of all “godfathers” in the world – then it pleased my ambition. “

During the filming of “Brigade”, the actor signed with his colleague Irina Bakhtur, who left him with another famous artist, Igor Livanov. In 2015, Bezrukov divorced her. According to rumors, because he already lived with director Anna Mathison. As a result, Anna, who became Sergei’s wife in 2016, gave birth to three children: Maria (5 years old), Stepan (3 years old) and Vasily (8 months old).

Vladimir Vdovichenkov (Phil)

Vladimir Vdovichenkov. Photo: social networks

Boxer Valera Filatov, who was in charge of the power unit in the brigade, was somewhat similar to Vdovichenkov himself: gloomy, brutal, athletic. Literally the year after the release of “Brigade”, the artist played a very similar role in another popular action movie about bandits – “Boomer”.

After that he had no problems with demand. However, he was careful about the choice of projects and from 2008 to 2012 he did not act in series at all. In 2014, there was a major breakthrough – Andrei Zvyagintsev’s film “Leviathan” with Vdovichenko in one of the main roles won the “Golden Globe” and was nominated for an Oscar.

Vdovichenkov was married four times – he became close with his last wife Elena Lyadova on the set of “Leviathan”. Despite his solid age (50 years) and status, the artist still reminds Phil: he is harsh, inhuman, closed. In 2010, the press leaked details of the conflict on the Arbat, where a driver did not want to miss Vdovichenkov’s car. A fight broke out, which ended with a shot from a traumatic pistol – fortunately, the injury received by the actor was not too serious.

Pavel Maikov (The Bee)

Pavel Maikov. Photo: social networks

For the brother of the singer Anastasia Stotskaya, the role of the broken blond Viktor Pchelkin became the most famous in his career. Before the series, he sang in musicals and did not know what all-Russian fame is. And after the release of “Brigade”, according to his own memories, he literally went crazy from the popularity that fell on him.

But soon Maikov was almost no longer invited to rehearsals. Sobering came, Maikov even repented in front of the audience: “For me as an actor, this series has benefited, and for society – harm. The Brigade is a crime against Russia in which I participated. Many wanted to become bandits… »

Now Pavel plays in his own rock band “Magritte”, raises a son from his first marriage Daniel (18 years old), tries to restart his career and takes on everything that is offered (series “Vacation”, “Olga”, “Girls with Makarov”, “Girls”). Contact “,” Dildo “, etc.).

Dmitry Dyuzhev (Space)

Dmitry Dyuzhev. Photo: social networks

Dmitry Dyuzhev, the professor’s son of Cosmos Yuryevich Kholmogorov, was known to no one before the Brigade. After the series, Dmitry became a superstar. It was started by the best directors of the country: Karen Shakhnazarov (“Rider named Death”), Pavel Lungin (“Island”), Alexei Balabanov (“Blindfolds”), Nikita Mikhalkov (“Tired of the Sun-2”) and so on. Deep religiosity helped Dyuzhev to keep his sanity and not “swim” from star disease.

After the series, he married Tatiana Zaitseva, who was working for an oil company at the time. Witnesses at the wedding were Vdovichenkov and Maikov. The wife gave birth to Dmitry’s two sons – Ivan (13 years old) and Dima (7 years old).

Despite Dyuzhev’s efforts to disown the Brigade, many still see space in him. From the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, who at the time was the theater’s editor-in-chief, Yevgeny Zhenovach, fired him last year with the wording “a couple of decent works, you saw the rest.”

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