How to transfer Spotify media library to Yandex Music or other streaming service

Recently it became known about the shutdown of the service Spotify in Russia. The shutdown will take place within the next month.

We recommend that users of a paid subscription transfer the media library to any third-party service in advance. This can be one of the domestic streams, as well as a foreign solution that you can easily pay for. Now let’s talk about the two most popular areas of music transfer.

How to transfer Spotify media library to Yandex.Music

The algorithm for transferring data from other services was developed by Yandex specialists and is being improved every day to allow users to transfer music quickly and easily. On my example, I can say that a few weeks ago the work of the service could be criticized, but now everything is going smoothly and quickly.

To transfer music from Spotify to Yandex.Music you need to do the following:

▣ In any browser, go to the import page of the library library from Yandex.

▣ Log in to your account to which the account is linked Яндекс.Музики.

▣ Select the desired service. In our case – Spotify.

▣ Log in to your Spotify account and wait for the process to complete.

In a few minutes, get the transferred media library in the domestic service.

How to transfer Spotify media library to Yandex.Music

If for some reason you don’t want to move your media library to Яндекс.Музику and don’t be afraid of blocking Apple’s streaming service, you can move all your playlists to Apple Music.

In the subject: How to transfer Apple Music library to Yandex Music or other streaming service

The Soundiiz service, which is already familiar to you, is perfect for this.

◉ Register a free account Soundiiz.

◉ Log in to your accounts Spotify and Apple MusicIn the presence of two-factor authentication, login confirmation is required.

◉ Open the playlist synchronization section to see all the library data of the connected services.

◉ Specify the desired playlist to transfer and press the button Convert.

◉ You can adjust the list of music to be transferred during the preparation stage.

At the end of the process you can see a list of tracks that were not found with the final streaming service.

Free Soundiiz account allows you to transfer one playlist. If you want to quickly download the entire media library, you need to make a paid subscription (at least for a month) and pay for it with a foreign bank card.

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