Huge and energy-intensive GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards from EVGA and Colorful showed in the photo on the eve of the fast release


Company EVGA prepares a new design FTW3 Ultra for its RTX 3090 Ti with a 3.5-slot solution for good purge. This model has undergone changes to the massive radiator, a brand new PCB for placement 16-contact power connector and more energy-intensive graphics processor GTA102-350.

The new card is thicker, much wider than the RTX 3090 FTW3. The 3.5-slot design is so tall that EVGA even managed to put the full name RTX 3090 Ti on the side label (as shown below). The display output configuration has not changed, but the card now has a new I / O bar.

Interestingly, instead of placing a new power connector PCIe Gen5 as always on the side, EVGA decided it would be smarter to host it behind. This can help with cabling, but will require more space in the case.

At the same time the company Colorful is preparing three RTX 3090 Ti models, including BattleAx Deluxe, Vulcan and Neptune. The first – “Budget” version with updated rectangular design of the body system. It is clear that the printed circuit board is much shorter than EVGA, which allowed Colorful to make a large hole for heat dissipation on the reverse side.

RTX 3090 Ti iGame Vulcan OC – Flagship model based on the same chip (at the moment it is unclear whether there will be a KUDAN model). The design is 3.5 slots thick (judging by the photos, at least 1 cm thicker than the RTX 3090 Vulcan). It is also another model with a full-color LCD dashboard, the first of which was Kingpin from EVGA.

Although it is the flagship model with a higher clock speed than BattleAx, it still uses a single 16-pin power connector. At the moment, there are no signs of any model that has more than one connector.

And the last RTX 3090 Ti iGame Neptune OC. This is a liquid-cooled model, probably with the same PCB design as the Vulcan. The large three-fan cooling solution has been replaced by an AIO kit with 2 slots attached to a 280mm radiator with two fans.

Currently, all non-standard RTX 3090 Ti air-cooled models have at least 3 slots. In this regard, the question arises as to how possible the use of such cards in two-chip configs. After all, the RTX 3090 Ti supports NVLink connectivity, second only to the RTX 3090 in this series.

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