Huge breasts Semenovich, Zverev’s crazy outfit, rejuvenating Valley: Music Box Award

Let’s be honest, all the stellar merits and awards received for them can not be mentioned by us or the nominees themselves. Therefore, today we will note the images of the brightest guests of the award, not their prizes for achievements in the music industry. Although we do not diminish the merits of celebrities in any case.

So, the center of attraction of the evening was … the breasts of 42-year-old Anna Semenovich. For many years, the bust of the singer significantly brightens the atmosphere of any star parties and parties. The singer can lose weight, get fat, get rid of the second chin, do liposuction, and then recover again, but one thing remains the same: Anna’s breasts please everyone – and the average viewer, and fellow artists.

don’t miss itAnna Semenovich got rid of the second chin and did liposuction – photo

Here and yesterday Semenovich’s cleavage caught all attention of the press. As the speechless journalists stared at the curvaceous forms that were about to fall out of the deep, Anna reported that she had recently returned from a detox clinic where she had already lost four kilograms and had no plans to stop there. We believe in the success of the ex-soloist of “Brilliant”, but still for fans of Semenovich’s talent there is no special difference: plus five kilograms or minus four, the main thing is that the chest was in place! Anna herself is well aware of her strengths and gratefully accepts all memes about her outstanding bust sent by subscribers.

58-year-old Sergei Zverev rarely appears in public – and this is understandable. The star can’t stay in shock for so long, and the outrageous stylist couldn’t come up with a modern format for his image, deciding to embalm until old age, occasionally pumping his lips. Yesterday Zverev arrived at the party in the usual form – fur sleeves, sequins, sequins, hat and heels. Viewers, however, are already accustomed to such old-fashioned trash, and tickers in baggy pants and even scared of an elderly hairdresser.

By the way, Zverev did not writhe, but humanely complained about business problems. Recently, his beauty salon closed due to unaffordable rent. “It simply came to our notice then. In addition, most customers have moved out now. And what is left, now not to beauty. Now, looking at the many colleagues who have closed their work, I understand that nothing new can be discovered, and nothing, because I haven’t had concerts for a long time, ”Sergei laments.

But 66-year-old Larisa Dolina is more flexible in creating images. The People’s Artist is not afraid of experiments. For example, she recently tried on the image of a bald queen. In addition, Dolina actively cooperates with representatives of the new generation – he can quarrel loudly with tickers, and then make a creative collaboration with them.

don’t miss itAnd the queen is bald! Larissa Dolina tried on a fantastic image

Yesterday Larisa Alexandrovna appeared in a laconic but memorable outfit. Shiny suit and gray turtleneck with a playful neckline. On the red carpet, Dolina said that she is now completely happy with her shape, because she managed to lose 20 kilograms. “I have a tendency to be full – monstrous! I can look at the cake and get fat, ”the actress shared with reporters, hinting that she continues to keep herself in gauntlets.

In short, the starry evening was a success. Celebrities such as Olga Buzova, Anita Tsoi, Jasmine, Katya Lel, Denis Klyaver, Slava, Brandon Stone, Mitya Fomin, Dmitry Koldun, Emma M, Alina Deliss, Vladimir Levkin, Julia Beretta and others shone on the red carpet of the award.

All of them delighted the audience with their hot hits and enchanting performances.

Photo: press service

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