“I am squeezed”: what is happening to the Chechen son Orbakayte

Until recently, nothing was heard about Christina Orbakayte’s second son. But now the stellar handsome man has fully resumed communication with fans, frankly sharing with them the details of his personal life.

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When Denis disappeared from social media, some attributed it to the scandals that continue around the famous family. After all, after the start of the special operation, many Russians turned away from Baysarov’s grandmother. Alla Pugacheva left the country with her husband and children soon after February 24 and has been living in Israel for several months now. And Maxim Galkin does not stop criticizing the actions of our authorities.

But the daughter of the Prima Donna, Christina Orbakayte, along with her heirs, is trying to stay away from politics. Most of all, Denis is still succeeding. The Chechen son of the singer broke the silence a few weeks ago, again began to actively communicate with the audience. And Baysarov returned with an offer to take part in his new project.

In general, Denis’s parents once tried to do everything to ensure that the heir had a secure future. For example, Orbakayte’s second son can boast a diploma from a prestigious British university. Thanks to the support of his father, a businessman, Baysarov managed to open his own company for organizing events and advertising. And Denis is listed in the company not only as CEO but also a photographer. As it turned out, creativity in principle attracts Pugacheva’s grandson. After all, now he even arranges a fan meeting.

Baysarov has previously demonstrated on social media the processes of creating original works. And now he is trying to make money on his hobby. For the second month in a row, Denis has been holding a series of master classes in one of the galleries in Moscow. After another meeting with those who want to adopt his creative experience, Baysarov got in touch on a personal blog and shared his impressions.

“Hello everybody! I’m exhausted after this weekend, so today I’ll have a little rest, but tomorrow I’ll write you a podcast that promised “how to start understanding art” with advice, stories and interesting resources, “- said the Chechen son Orbakayte.

Deni Baysarov at his own master class

In a personal blog on Instagram *, Denis posted some footage from a recent meeting with clients. Apparently, Pugacheva’s grandson really enjoys his hobby. Baysarov promised fans to continue to share the atmosphere from creative meetings.

Source: Telegram

Photo source: Instagram *, Legion-Media

*The organization is banned in the territory of the Russian Federation

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