“I have no idea how Marcus Kramer would work for us now. His athletes will move to other groups, Stupak will train with Borodavko “, Elena Vyalbe – Ski reports

The head of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR) Elena Vyalbe spoke about the formation of training groups for next season.

– The biggest problem now is that we still have no idea how Marcus Kramer would work for us. So now we have already formed our coaching pool and to them, respectively, athletes.

I hope that the presidium will also approve this – to give a separate group to Peter Sedov, who already had experience in the region and is now working with Marcus. It is difficult to say who will be his assistants, in any case we do not have a single head coach working alone.

All the other groups stay, mix with women, Carriers takes a couple of young women, given that his daughter is progressing and running well enough, this year she went to the European Games.

Yes, of course, we have older athletes, such as Alexander Bessmertnykh, Andrei Melnichenko, Andrei Larkov, whom I simply cannot do in the next four years, I think everyone understands that going with them into the future is a great utopia.

There are young guys, young girls. Yuri Borodavko takes two young men, one girl and one boy, he has the rest of the rest. That is, we will not have such global changes. It would be strange to make a revolution now, for what? I think we are on the right track.

– It was believed that Yegor Sorin’s group is a youth group, and now he has a full-fledged group. What will happen to Petro Sedov’s group?

– Here she just will be youth, such transitional structure. There will be either the best juniors who can already fight U23, or those who have already left the juniors and come to U23. Most likely, Andrei Nutrikhin will have his own group and will work with them.

I think we should give the opportunity to young guys who show themselves. We are not all eternal, we need to prepare some kind of shift – I think it’s right.

– To sum up, there are three groups left, three coaches are Yuri Borodavko, Oleg Perevozchikov and Egor Sorin. And instead of Marcus Kramer there will be Peter Sedov and Andrey Nutrikhin.

“There is no such thing as ‘instead of Cramer.’ Maybe Kramer will be back in a year. But now it is unrealistic, you do not understand how to think about it, how to make plans. Yes, well, a person writes plans, people train without him for a year – but it’s difficult.

Athletes who trained with Marcus will not wait for him to return. Probably, except for Sergei Ustyugov. There’s a thousand percent trust, and he’s unlikely to let anyone else in, I think.

In any case, today we thought that Sergei Ustyugov and Gleb Retivykh would be with Sorin. As for other athletes, they will train in another group. Even if Marcus returns in a year and we bring these athletes back to Marcus, this is a fundamental psychological burden that an athlete may not be able to withstand.

Yulia Stupak will train with Borodavko. This was her vision, Yule will now be unprofitable to train in a group with Marcus, because he does not have strong women, she is alone, and this is also a dead end.

I know Julia’s possibilities, she has to grow, she is even now stomping on the ground. So it’s completely objective, and Marcus agreed with me. Now the Stupak-Nepryaeva tandem will benefit both of them, Vyalbe said in an interview with the Skiing project!

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