“I realized that I would not take it all away – not to be home for three months, to receive a salary of 27 thousand.” Margarita Vasilieva about the end of her career – Biathlon

Russian biathlete Margarita Vasilieva told why she decided to end her sports career.

In 2019, the biathlete was suspended for 1.5 years for missing three doping tests. After disqualification, Vasilieva returned to the competition – the last time she competed in the “Izhevsk Rifle” was in December, where she was left without medals.

– Since December, no start, information has passed that you have finished your career, is that true?

– In February, I wrote a letter of resignation in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

– We didn’t even finish the season, in the middle of winter, why?

– In December, we ran the “Izhevsk Rifle”, and I realized that I no longer stretch my life financially and my son’s life, there was a turning point. For the whole of January I received nine thousand rubles. I don’t know what it was, an advance, a salary, I don’t understand.

In December, they paid a small part for January and the rest is already here, in January. I realized that I would not take it all away – not to be home for three months, to come home for five days maximum and receive a salary of 27 thousand a month. I realized that it was not worth it.

– 27 thousand a month?

– Yes. Only this forced him to end his career. The last point was these nine thousand in January, because I had to somehow make ends meet by February.

– Was this salary the whole of 2021?

– Since I was disqualified, without results, in the summer I was put on a minimum rate, without allowances. There was an idea that I would go to the summer World Cup and something would change, but no, the salary remained the same.

I pulled to the last, knowing that Shashilov gives a chance to qualify for the World Cups, that I, Kristina Reztsova and Tamara Derbusheva were admitted to the selection. She was patient, telling herself that everything was ahead, everything would be fine.

– But the selection did not work out.

– I showed good speed there, but bad shooting. During the break in my career, I lost a lot of shooting. I told myself that everything was fine, that the Izhevsk Rifle was ahead and there would be another chance. But before “Izhevka” I got sick and there, too, performed unimportantly.

And I realized that with such a salary, January will not stand. There is nothing to live on, and so everything is in debt, in loans. I have a son and a responsibility for him.

– And here is January, no money, what’s next?

– I called in Sochi, in a school where ordinary people are taught to ski, she is on the “Laura”. They said there were no problems, and I went there to earn money.

– There, I suppose, the salary is not 27 thousand?

“Much higher.” In a week it turns out more, than in Krasnoyarsk paid a month, – Vasilyeva told.

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