Ian made the plumber happy before the fight with Sterling. The nobility of the Russian UFC star is admirable

Peter captivates fans not only with his sportsmanship, but also with his human qualities. Here is another proof.

“Finally I’ll bury you”

UFC 273 will be held in the United States on April 10. Lightweight division champion Algamein Sterling will defend his title against Russian champion Peter Jan, the champion of the organization’s time zone.

MMA fans have been waiting for this fight for more than a year. In the last fight, our fighter lost his belt almost in a victorious battle – he was disqualified after a forbidden knee blow. In anticipation of revenge, Ian and Sterling did not skimp on bright statements and, as they could, heated up the situation. Due to the difficult situation in the world, fears for the fate of the fight did not leave until the last. But recently, Peter reassured fans.

– Just arrived in the United States. Alji’s prayers went unanswered, Peter Jan wrote on social media.

Sterling responded with a loud promise of their upcoming fight.

“I will finally bury you,” said the reigning champion.

Photo from the battle Petr Yan – Aljamain Sterling Petr Yan – Aljamain Sterling

A generous gift to a new acquaintance

Peter Yang went to the United States from Thailand, where a training camp was traditionally held. And during the preparation for the most important fight, our fighter performed a noble deed, which very well characterizes him as a person.

Ian and his team lived in a hotel for three months. There they met a local plumber named Den, who not only performed direct duties, but also helped Jan’s team in solving any household problems. Peter’s percussion coach Kairat Nurmaganbetov said that the guy is a real hard worker.

– We came home in the evening, and he trains there in a small gym in the same jeans as he works. Then I washed them to keep them clean in the morning, Kairat told the press service of the Archangel Michael club.

Peter once talked to a guy and learned that he was from Burma. His parents live 10 km away, but it is often impossible to see each other, as the road takes two hours one way, and Dan has no money for regular trips. The Russian athlete found out if the new acquaintance had a scooter and then gave him a generous gift.

Photo: Peter Jan in the ring

“There is such a character trait – to lend a helping hand”

As coach Jan noted, this is not the first good deed of a Russian fighter.

– And he’s all like that, constantly helping someone. We were in Anapa, there was a guy there, he also worked in a hotel, watched our trainings in the afternoon, and in the evening, after closing, he tried to repeat all this himself. He even performs somewhere. Petya gave him shorts, a T-shirt, gloves. It seems like a trifle, but for a kid it’s a big step forward. Petya has such a character trait, he extends a helping hand if someone really needs it, – said Kairat Nurmaganbetov.

For many, Petr Jan is already a champion and it doesn’t matter that he is only temporary now. The Ural fighter bribes not only with sportsmanship, but also with the ability to help. That is why most viewers will worry about Peter in the fight with Sterling. And, of course, plumber Dan from Thailand.

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