If you lose an Intel processor logo sticker, a new one will be sent to you free of charge.


Intel makes sure that computers based on its processors wear stickers. Thus, ready-made desktops and laptops with Intel processors always come with a shiny holographic sticker that is already affixed in a prominent place.

If you’ve lost one of these labels or damaged it in some way, you may be pleased to learn that Intel has a fast and efficient label replacement program. Intel Inside Logo Label. Redditor under the nickname Excellent-Ad-7062 has just used the service and gave it enthusiastic feedback on how quickly and efficiently it is set up.

The user recently bought a used Intel processor for PC and since “I always liked the stickers“, Asked how to buy it. Of course, if you search on Google, you will come across different sellers of eBay and Amazon. However, if you have proof of purchase of an Intel processor or Intel chip-based system, you can get a new sticker for free.

As proof of purchase, you can take a screenshot or photo of the invoice, receipt or packing list to send along with the online inquiry form. If you do not have such evidence, you will be able to save a screenshot from the Intel Support Utility.

Intel’s response to the request impressed a fan, who said the new sticker arrived quickly through FedEx with a note, as noted above. Others noted that it took three days to complete the form before the sticker arrived. Intel’s note on how to use the new sticker is just great and persistent.

“We appreciate your support for the consistent and correct use of our brand,” Intel writes. “Sticking your new label on the front of the system will help us keep our brand’s promises of innovation, reliability and cutting-edge technology.”

Genuine Intel stickers have a certain quality. Holographic elements give them an attractive depth when viewed from different angles. Depending on the generation of the processor, you will also see an idea of ​​the processor architecture behind. Check this before sticking the sticker on your PC.

Please note that users in some countries are charged a fee for importing or processing a transaction for the delivery of a new Intel sticker.

It is possible that Intel will expand its services to include stickers for Arc graphics accelerators. As you know, competing with the team of “blue” – AMD and Nvidia, do not yet offer a similar service to replace stickers.

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