“I’ll fuck you later!”: Beautiful customs during the battle Ponomarev – Shuaev (VIDEO)

“The giant from Fyodor’s hall” had to fight in unbearable conditions, listening to endless threats and insults from the angle of the opponent.

As you already know, AMC FIGHT NIGHTS management managed to make their countryman out of washing and skating. Yusup Shuaev heavyweight champion. Yesterday in Astrakhan at the 110th tournament of the Russian league the Dagestani knocked out Grigory Ponomarevwho in this match was deprived of all the tools to win (video).

“Giant from Fedor Hall” won the first round, and in the second, the most engaged referee of the match Gerikhan Shibilov simply did not allow him to fight and develop success, each time rising to a stand from advantageous positions in the ground, as soon as Yusup was in danger.

But in addition to Ponomarev’s “hands tied”, he had to freeze for a second in the ground floor, against him worked a large group of Shuaev’s support, exerting monstrous psychological pressure.

We do not know what happened behind the scenes before the match – usually the pressure starts before the fight and the opponent is threatened with physical violence if the brother is injured – but Yaroslav Stepanov from Sport24 managed to capture what happened at the cage directly during the match.

Angular, Shuaev’s relatives and sympathizers (how to figure out which one is who) surrounded the cage, and set in motion the entire usual gentleman’s set, from homosexual fantasies and promises to have intercourse with Gregory in a way unnatural for a normal man. ), to the banal insults of the “bag, damn”, put their fingers in the cage and hysterically shouted at the sales arbiter “Everything, enough! Raise!”, when Ponomarev held a sore arm.

The icing on the cake was the traditional cage run through the whole village, which almost trampled Gregory lying unconscious on the floor. At such moments, it seems that calendars are lying, and outside the window is not the 21st century, but at least the Middle Ages.

And now comes the second part of the Marlezon Ballet, and citizens who support obscurantism will tell you on the Internet that Ponomorev is to blame for showing his opponent his middle finger, and if it were not for the gesture, Shuaev’s entourage would not have lost its human form. Apparently on the threat of “I’ll fuck you!” it was necessary to react by adopting a knee-elbow position on the canvas, then there would be none of that.

So what did you want? After all, at the “vegetable depots” just like that! Look at your own risk.

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