“I’m disappointed” – the star of one of the main films of the year was not invited to the “Oscar”

It is no secret that the ceremony Oscar experiencing not the best of times. In an attempt to raise long-dropped ratings this year, three very funny female comedians, Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes, have been invited to host, and a dozen “useless” nominations will be presented during “toilet breaks”.

Apparently, for the same reasons (and also to save on gifts) nouns were not invited to the ceremony. Even if they starred in a film claiming seven golden statuettes, including the lead. We are talking about Fr. Rachel Zeglerrecently debuted in film, and immediately with Steven Spielberg – in West Side Story.

The incident became known purely by accident – one of the fans on the network asked the actress what she will go to the main ceremony of the year, and along with everyone else was shocked by the answer:

I wasn’t invited, so I’ll be wearing my boyfriend’s shirt and sweatpants.

I tried, but it probably won’t happen. I will support West Side Story from my couch, and I am proud of the work we all did three years ago. I hope that a miracle will happen at the last minute and I will be able to celebrate our film in person. Thank you for your experiences – I am also disappointed. But everything is fine.

A truly strange decision of the film academy, especially given the course on inclusiveness and futile attempts to attract young audiences to the screens.

But Zegler’s colleague in the film Ariana Deboz will not only be present at the ceremony, but also actively participate in it – the actress has been nominated for best supporting role, and is the main contender for the “Oscar” in her category.


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