In Afghanistan, they took advantage of the situation with Ukraine and lowered the “iron curtain”

Now the events in Afghanistan have receded into the background. There is almost no information about what is happening in the country.

Naimi Ahmad Shoaib, an economist and supporter of the Afghan National Resistance Front, described how the Taliban took advantage of the situation while the world community followed the events around Ukraine.

– Do you know who is the first diplomat from the Taliban government in Russia?

– As far as I know, this man has been in Russia for a long time. He is trying to interact with the embassy staff, but there is no specific information about him, – says Naimi Ahmad Shoaib. – The fact is that in the leadership of the “Taliban” are ghosts. They have no biography, no one knows where they came from, what they did before. I suspect that this diplomat is for many the same “dark horse”. It is not yet clear in what format he plans to perform his duties. According to rumors, people who now work at the embassy do not recognize the current regime. Now they will have a new headache.

– What is happening in Afghanistan now?

“Terrible things are happening there.” The Taliban have broken all previous promises. They said they would allow girls to study in schools and universities. And when the girls came to the first lesson, a couple of hours later they were forced to leave school. And then a decree was issued that girls up to the sixth grade were allowed to attend school. There is a video where schoolgirls with tears in their eyes complained about this bullying.

The Taliban use the closure of girls’ schools as a bargaining chip with the world community. They say that if they help us economically and politically, we will allow education for women.

The Taliban also talked about amnesty. So no amnesty happened. Moreover, there are daily reports that someone has been shot, abducted and so on in Afghanistan. Thirty activists were abducted by the Taliban more than a month ago. Two people were released. The fate of the others is unknown. Nobody knows their whereabouts. These are ordinary peaceful people who worked in government agencies.

The other day there was news that a doctor who worked for the former government was killed and burned. The Taliban commit atrocities and are not ashamed to travel to different countries, participate in events, and receive a platform for statements. Such things are shocking.

– Are the Taliban continuing to carry out the ethnic cleansing in the country that their opponents are talking about?

– In recent days, the Taliban have become more active in this direction. Especially in places where there are resistance forces.

The story of the passports they issue to anyone remains alarming. People from Pakistan and other countries come to the country and easily get an Afghan passport. It is difficult to count how many passports and to whom the Taliban issued them. Nobody knows.

But ordinary citizens of Afghanistan cannot get passports. Documents are not issued to cultural figures either. The latter can get a passport if they make a public apology for what they used to do, write, cover.

There is one well-known religious figure in Afghanistan. He has been trying to get a passport for several months. When the man asked what the problem was, he was asked to apologize to the camera for what he had done before.

Everything is sad with the culture in Afghanistan now. The Taliban have banned the traditional spring holiday of Nowruz.

Now you can’t go to the park with your family, breathe fresh air. The Taliban have come up with a schedule: women walk on one day, men on another. Forbidden together.

A lot of weird things have happened lately. The fact is that the Taliban took advantage of the moment when the entire world community is occupied by Ukraine. Nobody pays attention to them either. Not everyone is up to Afghanistan. So now they are trying to destroy as many people as possible who do not agree with their regime. For more than a month, they have been actively purging the population and fighting the resistance. Their hands are untied because they are no longer being watched. During this time, they want to achieve all the goals.

“What other things shocked you?”

– Recently, the Taliban have come up with a dress code that must be observed by all civil servants. People have to go to work in specific clothes, and men have to wear a beard of a certain length. A person will not be hired if his beard is slightly longer or shorter. The beard is measured with a ruler.

The Taliban are constantly coming up with rules that drive people crazy. Meanwhile, more than 90 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. People have nothing to eat, they are dying of hunger, someone has lost their home, they have nothing left, and at this time the Taliban are coming up with dress codes.

Many Afghan citizens have given up morally, agreed to work under their control, and are doing whatever they say.

– Is there no more humanitarian aid in Afghanistan?

“Nothing anymore.” And the Taliban sold or provided the aid they received, at their own discretion. A small part reached the needy.

– Journalists also can not report on what is happening in the country?

– Foreign media have been banned from working in Afghanistan. It is almost impossible to get information from there. Locals, risking their lives, record the events themselves, film them, pass them on to acquaintances who live abroad to publish.

The Taliban recently released an activist who was abducted a month and a half ago. Then she was filmed on video. It was clear from her gestures and emotions what condition she was in. Apparently, the woman survived hunger, torture and abuse. I couldn’t even speak normally. She was forced to reconcile, to end her active life, rallies. She is no longer fighting for women’s rights.

All released activists, university professors, who had their own views, disappeared from the media, do not appear anywhere, do not write anything. We cannot imagine what was done to them there, what tortures they were subjected to in order to silence them.

“Can they leave the country?”

– According to the new order, a woman cannot leave the country without an escort. And now the citizens of Afghanistan have stopped being released abroad. The Taliban believe that so many people have left, enough, let the rest stay.

And they have nowhere else to go. Afghan citizens are not accepted anywhere. Many who had recently struggled to get out of the country were immediately sent back. The nearest neighboring countries say: we can no longer accept refugees, we have no opportunities, we are under sanctions. Even those citizens who have visas are not allowed into the country.

People are forced to stay and live in fear. There is no other way out.


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