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In 2022, parents could pre-fill out a draft application for first grade on the website of the State Services. Sending documents began at midnight on April 1. Even before the opening of the MFC, St. Petersburgers submitted 17,800 applications. Unlike previous years, when parents complained en masse about the fallen State Services, this year the site survived the first hours of operation.

“Our cybersecurity specialists together with the Education Committee are doing everything possible to ensure that the first grade enrollment is successful, and no outside attacks have affected the work of St. Petersburg’s information systems,” Vice Governor Stanislav Kazarin said on his VKontakte page.

Usually Gosulugi DD is persevered by persistent parents. As the procedure for enrollment in the first grade is not completely transparent, entrance tests cannot be conducted among seven-year-olds, St. Petersburg residents hope that an earlier application deadline will help them get to the desired institution. The tense situation usually develops in densely populated areas, where large residential complexes are assigned to the school. Thus, in the Primorsky district there is a special demand for the 777th school, last year houses were separated from it, children could not enter the institution, which is located in their yard. After complaints from parents, the list of addresses was restored. This year, the parents of future first-graders told Fontanka that the application process for the 777th school is going smoothly.

Irina lives in Kolomyia, on the federal website of the State Services she filled out applications in three schools: № 523, 617 and 634. Two of them were rejected.


“The Public Services Hotline confirmed that I did everything right, in one statement – one school. I sent them a message, now technical support is understanding, – Irina noted. – Other parents who filled out the application through www.gu.spb.ru had the opportunity to indicate three schools with one priority in one application. That is, it is a cant of public services. “

The St. Petersburg woman decided to fill in the remaining applications by hand and take them to schools. The problem with the supply to several schools on the federal portal of public services was confirmed in Smolny. After the first statement, the system reads all the others as duplicates.

“You can choose several schools (from 1 to 3, in one application) by submitting an application using the regional public services portal. To do this, it is necessary to change the method of submitting the application by revoking the previously submitted application on the federal portal of public services (gosuslugi.ru), ”the education committee explained.

According to Irina, in choosing the first school for her daughter, she focused on proximity to home. “Schools are more or less the same in terms of training. In Kolomyia, they say, in recent years it has become difficult to get to school “on a residence permit”, a lot of residents. I don’t want to take my child somewhere to other schools, it’s hard. The purpose of the beginning is adaptation, then we will choose a normal school. That is, the situation is such that in Kolomyia we are deprived of a choice at all – if only we could take it, ”she added.

Alexander plans to get acquainted with teachers first and only then choose a school.

The St. Petersburg resident lives in Kolomna, where he liked the 232nd school. It enrolls only one first class for 25 people. For comparison, in the 777th school in the first grades of 33 people.

“In the first grade they go not so much to school as to the teacher,” says Alexander. – I plan to meet the teacher. I looked at all the schools within a kilometer of the house, the program of classes, somewhere English only from the third grade, which is not quite right for us. “

Alena from the Frunzensky district studied reviews about two gymnasiums and a school at home. The reports were contradictory, and the St. Petersburg woman decided to stay at a general education school for registration.

We all have the same “School of Russia” program in the district. It is believed that she focuses on reading and writing, more humanitarian or something, – she said. – I heard very contradictory reviews about all the programs. Friends have a son studying in the “21st century”, they say, they do homework with him, because you need to google what exactly you need to answer. “The Russian School is praised by many for its universality, but it is also criticized for the same.”

By the end of the working day, St. Petersburgers had submitted 32,000 applications. The portal of public services of St. Petersburg was most often used, 15,216 applications were sent through it. There are 4,324 offline through MFC.

From April 1 to June 30, applications are accepted from regional and federal beneficiaries, as well as from families living in the school’s designated area. It is possible to enroll a child in an institution outside the place of residence from July 6 to September 5. In total, 67,000 first-graders will be admitted to St. Petersburg schools next school year.

To get to the desired institution, parents sometimes resort to illegal tricks. Thus, two mothers became defendants in a criminal case due to forged registration. The court stopped the proceedings, imposing a fine of five thousand rubles each.

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author of the photo Mikhail Ognev /
author of the photo Mikhail Ognev / “Fontanka.ru” / archive

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