In Russia released a bracelet of life (price and photo)

What do you need a bracelet for?

In fact, the bracelet is just a comfortable and, most importantly, noticeable accessory. Instead it can be a pendant, a watch strap, a keychain. The main thing here is a small picture, a QR code that can be read through the camera of any smartphone and find out information about a person. This data set is called a Medical ID. The medical ID is, for example, in the iPhone, and access to it is open, even if the smartphone is locked: healthcare professionals will be able to find out information about the patient in 5 seconds.

QRepublik nylon bracelet

The QR code you receive together with the certificate after vaccination from COVID-19, QR codes you see every day in shops, cafes, museums. Just after scanning such a picture, instead of describing the picture on the screen will display vital data: blood type, allergy to drugs, emergency contacts, surgery and more.

The elderly and people with chronic diseases are obvious examples where a medical identifier like QRepublik may come in handy. Athletes, tourists abroad, children with disabilities, people with disabilities – anyone can find themselves in a situation where doctors need complete information about a person, and he either does not know about their diseases, or forgot.

It is especially difficult for doctors to look for relatives of elderly people who have lost their memory. According to the coordinator of the search team “Lisa Alert” Oleg Leonov, “this partially replaces the notes that relatives usually put in the pockets of disoriented people. If they think it is necessary to indicate some critical drugs that need to be taken, they can do so. “

In 2020, Lisa Alert received 7,000 applications to search for people over 65. 74.6% of them got lost in the city. Almost one in ten was found dead. Such bracelets can save about 10,000 people a year.

According to QRepulik, 70% of deaths are caused by chronic diseases, lack of information or medical errors. A person cannot talk about himself in a critical situation, the doctor will not receive vital information – the risk increases. With a complete picture of the patient, you can prevent more than 90% of cases.

How it works

Doctors, having scanned the QR code, will see only the data that the person or his guardian will want to share. For example, some test results and information about certain doctors can be hidden. And open up access to vaccines and medications that you take on a regular basis.

What a person will see on a smartphone screen

All data is stored in the personal account on the QRepublik website. Now you can register either through social networks or by phone and e-mail. Two-factor authentication is enabled in the settings: to confirm the identity, you need to enter a code from an SMS or letter. This greatly increases security.

When asked by Hi-Tech about entering through (ESIA) Gosuslugi, QRepublik CEO Alexander Senkevich confirmed that such an option will appear in July. All information is stored in accordance with the federal law “On personal data” № 152-FZ. At the same time, QRepublik’s storage system complies with foreign GDPR and HIPPA standards, which is one of the key advantages over competitors.

The registration process is simple. It is necessary to indicate full name, height, weight, SNILS, city of residence and phone number. From specific information – eye and hair color, whether you are an organ donor. You can then link the QR code on the accessory to your profile.

Home page in the personal account

QRepublik offers silicone and nylon bracelets, universal watch cases, alarm buttons and cards with QR codes. Bracelets and nozzles can be with different types of fasteners, they do not look like a “mark” on the hand (for some reason, this is feared by older people in Russia) – a bright, comfortable accessory. Even a healthy adult is not ashamed to wear this.

Let’s emphasize specifically: bracelets are not electronic, but ordinary. They do not have 5G chips and antennas, they do not irradiate the owner with microwaves and do not cause dementia. It’s just hypoallergenic silicone and nylon with a QR code pattern. Such accessories do not pose a danger.

The person who scans the code on the bracelet will see a unique link. Clicking on it will open the owner’s medical ID. Emergency contacts will immediately receive an SMS notification: someone has scanned the QR code, please note. You can immediately contact the victim or the person who found the bracelet.

A reasonable question: if a QR code is always in sight, can’t a scammer consider it? Codes are placed differently on different versions of the bracelets. There is on the inside, there is on the outside. You can hide. And to consider a tiny QR-code without attracting attention is quite difficult. And when a person is sick, he does not care from which side he has a picture. The main thing is timely and correct help.

After registration you can fill in the profile. There is a lot of data, they sufficiently cover all health indicators that are critical for health services. Take a couple of hours, sit down at the computer and fill in all the information once.

The main sections are diseases, insurance information, contacts, allergies, implants, doctors, procedures, laboratory tests, medicines and vaccines. In each section there are many parameters, part of the data is pulled from external databases. For example, the names of drugs.


Let’s repeat once again: each block of data can be hidden from outsiders. Even from doctors (but it is better not to hide anything from them – in your own interest). Only you can decide. In the office there is a very convenient option – viewing the public profile. You can immediately see what your card will look like on the smartphone screen if someone scans it. You can immediately make sure that there is no superpersonal information, only the doctor needs it.

You can create a profile for your relatives or wards. To do this, there is a tab “Child profiles”. And immediately you can add animals (you can choose from a cat or a dog). Indicate their name, age, gender. You can add the ID of the animal’s passport and the label number. In the third step, you attach a QR code, then attach a tag (keychain) to the animal’s collar. In the event that a cat or dog is lost and injured, the veterinarian will read the QR code from a regular smartphone and quickly select a treatment based on allergies and diseases. Or a passerby will contact the owner of the pet.

Not all options are available by default. Now QRepublik has two tariffs – BASE (basic) and EXTRA (advanced). In the basic you can fill in the profile, specify the contact persons and medications that you take or need in case of exacerbation of the disease.

The EXTRA subscription has a much wider range of features. For example, complete information about your doctors, procedures and results of laboratory tests, data on vaccination and pregnancy. Another convenient option – you can attach and store scans of any documents in your personal account.

Tariff comparison

The EXTRA tariff will cost 120 rubles per month. If you pay for the subscription immediately for the year ahead, the discount will be 20%, and in terms of a month will be 100 rubles. The fee is symbolic, but at the same time you will worry less about relatives. Or for yourself.

Stereotypes and perspectives

QRepublik is a resident of the Skolkovo biomedical cluster. The company is widely known in the world: as of 2020, more than 500,000 customers around the world have joined the service. More than 12,000 people are in Russia, 450 of whom have received emergency care so far. For the fourth year in a row, QRepublik is among the top ten medical identifiers in the United States, the service is recommended in Canada and the United Kingdom.

QRebulik is also available on social networks, but has not been active since 2020. The team shared their experience, including on the Pikabu website. One commenter noted the potential of the bracelet: “As a diabetic and hypertensive, I will say that the thing is useful. When you fall on the street with hypoglycemia and lose consciousness, 99.9% of passers-by will take you for a banal drunkard.

The main difficulty faced by the QRepublik team in Russia is distrust of QR codes. In the United States, people are active with such bracelets, do not hesitate to say that they have diabetes or epilepsy. The insurance company covers the purchase costs, doctors scan QR codes and actually look at the completed profile.

As the co-founder of QRepublik Sergei Vishchipanov explained in an interview with, in one region of Russia in 2015 they tried to conduct an experiment. We contacted the emergency services, they approved the initiative, they wanted to distribute 60 accessories free of charge to the elderly aged 80-90. But “they were frightened, they said that in no case would they wear any incomprehensible device.”

As a result, according to Sergei, one grandmother was hospitalized, relatives could not be found. With difficulty I remembered the name, contacts, everything worked out. And when the grandmother was discharged, she gathered all her acquaintances and led them to the bracelets.

Currently QRepublik is implementing projects in Novosibirsk and the Altai Republic. The company informs the population, cooperates with emergency services, synchronizes with MIS (Medical Information System). The project is aimed at lonely elderly people, chroniclers, children with disabilities and children with disabilities. In 2021, Lisa Alert and QRepublik distributed bracelets free of charge to Muscovites at risk.

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